Quick Fix

I have been taking care of Dear Hubby, running to and fro non stop or so it seems.  Thus dinners have been a rather hurried affair.  Granny M is here at home hoping for a decent meal.  With me gone so much she is missing a home cooked lunch.  So I was happy when my Zatarain's Klout Perk showed up at my door step.  I opened it up and found four boxes of their new pasta meals.

Perfect!  I took thAlfredo Pasta Dinner Mix out to fix for dinner.  Now it tells me I can add chicken, hamburger or shrimp.  But as you can guess I did not have any thawed out.  So I looked in my pantry and found a large can of chicken.  Ya know, like a large tuna can.  There I go.  Fixed it all up and Granny M and me were eating a hot meal in no time.    I will trying out the other flavors once I get focused back on home life.  The Scampi pasta is just calling my name out!

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