Feeding the Soul

I think it is time to share a couple more of my gifts that I have to share this year.  So enjoy Crazed Mind's Gift Guide.

My mother in law had surgery on her eyes this last year.  Finally she can enjoy reading a book once again.  I have found the best lil book for her.  Christmas Lights by Christine Pisera Naman is a chapter by chapter book of lil glimmers in the life of a mother and her six daughters.  Each one shows how all things happen as they should with God's blessing.  And that you can build on each part to create a life that is full of joy to share with others.  I read this book in one afternoon.  Then I opened it back up to the front and started again.  Yes, that good!

My other gift will be for a avid reader that I can not name.  Yes I know they read my blog.  So they will have to guess if this one is for them.  Chicken Soup for the Soul is always a gift to me.  The Gift of Christmas is a collection of joy filled holiday stories.  It is perfect for helping bring on the holiday spirit.  I always enjoy these lil vignettes that lift me up.  To be lucky enough to have one of your stories shared with millions must feel amazing.  And what better gift is there to give than one of happiness?

I am so lucky to have these books shared with me by the publishers and PR firms.  It is feeling alot like Christmas around here for me too!

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