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It is always a blessing to have my Grandbabes here for a visit.  My granddaughter takes my breath away with her ability to read so well.  As soon as she settles in for a visit she always ask what books I have for her to read.  This weekend I had three books waiting on her.

One of them was Enchanted Thyme, Book One of Ariane Smith's The Delicious Adventure Series.  It is a great book for ages 6-11 with recipes included.  My neighbor across the street was also wanting to both read the book and work out the recipes with her mother.  I love that the book has a glossary to help my granddaughter learn the words she is not as familiar with.  A makebelieve world that takes place in a magical world where Belinda and Peter may be able to save the Queen with their cooking skills learned at the hands of their Chef father.

Try out this recipe from the book yourself.

1 Tablespoon sugar
½ cup whole organic milk
¼ teaspoon pure vanilla extract or ½ vanilla bean (seeds scraped out)
¼ cup fresh blueberries
6 Tablespoons table or rock salt
1 sandwich size zip lock bag
1 1 gallon zip lock bag
•  Place sugar, milk,vanilla and blueberries in sandwich sized bag and firmly seal
•  Fill gallon sized zip lock ¼ of the way with ice cubes and sprinkle with half of the salt
•  Place sealed bag with milk mixture on top of the ice
•  Cover the bag with more ice cubes and sprinkle with remaining salt
•  Seal bag and shake for about 5 minutes until ice cream sets
•  Spoon ice cream in bowl or cone and enjoy
•  Try adding different fruits, nuts, coconut etc.

The second book I had set aside for her was based on the real life Pansy who spends time at the Palace Hotel with her owners and author Cynthia Bardes.  Pansy at the Palace is a lovely book filled with adventure for a poodle that was saved when she was adopted from the animal shelter.  Now her life is a bit pampered but also one that she uses her street smarts to find the answer to the mystery of stolen jewels.  Nice bright paintings bring Pansy to life as TK was reading in a big comfortable chair while the sun shone brightly over her shoulder.  This is an image I so adore as her Nonnie.

And my last book was my favorite to share with TK.  Make Magic! Do Good! by Dallas Clayton is the best book of poetry for children that I have seen since I was a young girl.  I love not only the positive messages from the poems inside.  But the imaginative artwork that passes the message on visually is so vivid.  The dust jacket is also a poster on the inside.  I want to hang it up myself on the wall.  I wish I had words to explain the joy this book brings about.  One evening I sat and read it aloud to Dear Hubby.  It brought so many laughs, ooohhhhs and aaahhhhhhs from both of us.  Here is one of his poems just for you to see a lil bit of the magic Dallas creates.

Thanks so to the authors, publishing houses and PR firms for sharing with me and my grandbabe.  It is greatly appreciated.

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