50 is Just a Number

 Dear Hubby made it to his 50th birthday!  

He ate a lil too much too!  Looked like he was 8 months pregnant.  Doll that he is, played right along and put on a 'maternity' top to show off his Turkey tummy!
It was funny to also have an old coffin at the front door of his party.    Dear Hubby played right along with it too!  Even though he is still fighting off pneumonia. 

I am so proud of my man.  He has gone through some hard times to make it these 50 years.  Battled a life of addiction to break both drinking and drugs.  Clean for many years now.  He lived through a year of interferon, coma, double heart bypass and even has a pacemaker to keep his ticker ticking.  Dear Hubby is a veteran of the Navy, a jack of all trades from different jobs, a traveling man that has seen almost every single state in the USA.  He is the proud father (and grandpa) of 4 children and 3 great grandbabes.  

I adore him, love him as my partner and best friend.  Dear Hubby is my rock, my anchor and most of all my safety net.  He is a man filled with humor and every odd ball fact you can imagine.  Most of all he is loved by so many!

Happy 50th Dear Hubby!

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