Weekend Wrap Up

I was lucky enough to escape to the big city for the weekend.  My girlfriend needed some help unpacking after her recent move.  In return we have had lil trips all weekend.

When I arrived in the area my BFF picked me up and took me out to lunch.  We got to catch up on our kiddos and grandbabes.  I can't believe we have grandbabes when we raised our own kiddos together.  But it was great to visit.  Then we hung at her house for a bit.  I miss her so much. We only get to see each other a few times a year now.

Then we met with my girlfriend to switch me out.  My BFF had to take off for a night at the circus with her grandbabes.  My girlfriend and I went on out to dinner then took in a play.  A wonderful evening.  I loved getting to dress up some and share time together.  After a great night of deep slumber we started to attack her apartment.  Made some headway too.  She says she is already a lil less claustrophobic now.  A couple of meals out and a trip to the grocery store broke up our day of unpacking.

Tomorrow we plan on meeting up with another dear friend and going to the museum. Whee!  I am so lucky to have all these special trips.  I know that there will be a lunch feast too.   But I will then have to meet up with Dear Hubby so I can get back home.  He has had a great out of town trip with his brother this weekend.  Seems that we both had time apart for some fun but of course, we love getting back together.  

So see y'all tomorrow after I land back home.  I hope your weekend was just as lovely.

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