This Is Country Cooking

Dinner last night hit the right spot.  The right note of flavors that made us all go "Ahhhhh!"  It was pure down home country cooking flavors without any major work either.

We started with Mesquite Brown Beef.  Not a fancy name I know.  I took a package of Weber Mesquite Marinade and mixed the dry seasonings into 2.5 pounds of ground beef.  The smell of the the mesquite was like having the grill right in the house.  I browned the beef then added brown gravy to the mix.  The brown gravy was a simple packet mixed with a cup of hot water and whisked.

For one side we had spaghetti squash that was a left over.  Just warmed up with butter on it.  But the other side was Ranch Home Fries.  I mixed a full packet of Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing mix with my chopped up tators and onions before I fried them up.  When they where done, I drained the oil and then added a second package of the Hidden Valley® Original Ranch® Dressings and Seasoning Mix.   This doubled up the flavors.  Those cooked in and then layered on top like a creamy seasoning.  Heaven!  Dear Hubby loved it and was surprised at the way they tasted.

I want to thank Hidden Valley for sending me the Ranch Dressing mix to use.  It really hit the spot.  I also want to let you know I am a BzzAgent.  That is how I was able to find out about different ways to use this mix other than as a dressing on my salad.  And this is my honest opinion.....Dinner last night was GREAT!

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