Two Thumbs Up!

On our trip this last weekend we ate at several different places.  All of them was what we consider down home cooking.  Some were buffet and some were full service.  All were well within our moderate price range.  And they were all good.  But one stood out well about the rest.  That was Sirloin Stockade in Corsicana Texas.

I have to say this was the best fried chicken we have ever had.  Crispy without the grease, moist inside while still being completely cooked.  You would expect your mom in the kitchen with a lil flour on her cheek and an iron skillet in front of her!  I wish I lived right next door so I could have this all the time instead of across the state.  Sirloin Stockade may have a bull out front but it is in the chicken coop that it has won my award of best place to eat!

I did not get a free meal or anything for this post.  I just had to share.  I promise it was better than any chicken place ever.  We told the manager how much we enjoyed it so he could tell the cook.  Then we found out this is a company recipe.  Well they nailed it.  Wish we had eaten the chicken at the beginning as it would have been all that was on our plate til we had our fill.

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