Time to Get Started

Good morning everyone!

Whew, where is the time going?

It is just flying by for me.  I looked up and realized it is October!  Really, only a  couple of months for me to get everything together.  Yeah, did it just hit you too?


Oh, I agree we have to really get a jump up to have it all ready and not have it feel like everything is last minute.  Mom's understand that big holidays do not just happen.  They are well planned out events to create those magic moments.

So to start off I am getting Crazed Mind's 2012 Christmas Gift Guide started.  You can see there is a new lil tab at the top of this blog.  I will feature each gift here on this main page and then also list it on the gift guide with a link to the original post.  You can pop in anytime and look and see what is my latest ideas for presents.  Maybe you can get some ideas there.  I know I will be out looking for new ideas myself.  Also each new gift will have my lil picture of last year's Christmas tree to mark it is going in the gift guide.  Just so you won't miss out on anything.

Many of the items will be sent to me for review.  But the items going in my gift guide are the one's I choose.  They are not chosen for me.  And the reviews are my own opinions as always.  I just wanted you to know I really look for that just right gift for that just right person.  Just like you do!

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