Thank You!

I have driven down Lombard Street looking.
I have gone looking through the Carlsbad Caverns searching.
I even peered off the top of the Davis Mountains.
But nowhere did I ever find friends better than the ones I have right here.


  1. I hope that I am on that list. Guess what I found?? I found a bunch of emails in my gmail account where you had responded to my comments to my comments here on your blog posts. I am not quite sure how they ended up there. I never use that email and not sure what I was logged in as for them to get there but there they were. lol

    I do for a fact know that you are certainly a great friend to me and you my friend are on my bucket list, someday, somehow I will personally meet you. :)


Yippee! You came to talk to me. Thanks.
You know how special that makes me feel?
Like I swallowed the moon and the stars and I just shine now!