Family Time Across the State

What day is your family day?  You know that time when you all come together?  Growing up we did not have that.  It was so much more of a hit the door and go with us kids.  Granny M worked 3 jobs and did not have the time to do a big meal once a day lil on hoard all 5 of us to an event.  So I wanted to change that.

Not easy.  I had JD but she was a quiet singular child.  Her dad worked a lot to with up and down hours.  Also he worked every holiday.  So we (JD and I) started making our own special lil days.  Most of them ended up with a coffee table of fresh fruit and veggies and a new movie on the TV.  Once I met and married Dear Hubby, I knew I wanted a stronger family.  One that came together.

We do it most of the time around the dinner table.  But as we are not growing older and our house is getting empty it is beginning to strike a cord with me on how to have that with family scattered to the four winds.  JD has her own apartment and is working 2 jobs.  KT is back in Missouri with a small start on her life again.  The Grandbabes are all across the state where we can not just gather them up anytime we wish.  The empty nest has hit to a swaking mom who does not really like it.

Since I can not gather up all my lil chicks and chikadees I figure I can send them items to let them know they are thought of.  TK (our 8 yr old grandbabe) is a wonderful reader.  I miss having her here to tell me a story.  But I have a book by Kim Donovan to send to her.  I am pretty sure it will be a hit as I loved reading it last night in the motel room curled up in the big ol chair by the window.  St Viper's School for Super Villains has that ricocheting vibe of popping around like hyper active kiddos.  Just like my TK!  Quick moving story of a school set up to help 'special' kiddos become the super villians they are destined to be.  This is the first book of a upcoming series that looks to really be a fun one to dip into.  I love that there is a blog too for TK to continue on with between story lines.  Now I just have to decide whether to send it now or save it as a Christmas gift?

For my lil man, Landon, I have the newest Tranformers Rescue Bots DVD.  He is not reading just yet so I like that I can get his interest this way.  He loves super heros and this is like ultimate heros as it is the Transformers.  This one is from Shout! Factory Kids and was just released this last week.  There are coloring sheets that you can print out and a episode Family of Heros.  You know it is great to see the wide eyes of a lil boy who is learning that helping others has great rewards.  Especially the knowledge of a job well done.  I think that Tranformers Rescue Bots really helps that hit home.  Do you remember watching this one or with your own kiddos if your in my age group?  It is now on the the Hub TV channel so you can tune in there too.  Watch and see the amazement on your lil man's eyes.

Now for my favorite I am going to be able to really pass it around.  I have the Blu-ray disk for JD to keep at her apartment.  She really jump for joy with this one.  And I shared the digital copy with Princess Emma so she can become a fan too.  I know that once she is it will become a movie her and sissy will share on sleep overs.  My own kiddos and grandbabes out of town can pop online and see it with my UltraViolet copy that I download.  This is not all of us getting together but a way that all of us can still share the same experience.  Now, what is it we all want to see?  E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial of course.  I loved this movie that first showed lil Drew Barrymore in wide eyed innocence meeting E.T.  And if was the launch of Reeses Pieces for every jr. high kid.  I can not believe it is time for the 30th anniversary of this classic family favorite.  Makes me feel old!  The release to buy your copy is in just two more days, the 9th of October.  I was just out of high school when E.T. hit the big screen.  Oh it was so made for the movies.  We saw it at the drive in theater, awe struck with Steven Spielberg's creation.  Phone Home was an instant catch phrase.  Are you ready to have it back in your home?  Sharing it with the kids?  If so make sure you get some Reese's Pieces to eat while watching it.

I want to thank everyone for sharing these movies and books with me.  Kim Donovan has really gone the extra mile t make sure I have St. Vipers in my hand.  I bow to you for your dedication.  Thanks to Shout! and Click Communications for the movies.  I know that my family will really enjoy them.  I hope all of y'all are able to get your own copies soon.

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