Dogs Are Food Snobs

What do you do when even the dogs will not eat the popcorn spilled on the floor. Seriously!

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I was curled up with a Drop Dead Diva marathon going on with Netflixs the other day.  Of course I wanted something to munch on as it goes hand in hand so I decided a bowl of popcorn would be just perfect.  I took out a bag of the caramel microwave kind and sorta scratched my head.  I have never made it before.

Well popped the popcorn and carried the caramel pack back to the couch with me.   Then when I was trying to balance the bowl of popcorn and tear the packet open everything went topsy turvy on me.  Popcorn everywhere and this sticky caramel lump sat in the middle of the bowl.  Great!

I thought the dogs would jump on food being on the floor.  It is there territory when it comes to the human food thing.  But no, they looked up with great disinterest and sorta snubbed me.  I called them (only a pack of 5 dogs) and gave them permission to eat the popcorn.  NOPE!  Nothing doing with them.

Well I popped another bowl of popcorn and poured it over the carmel.  Did it melt and become all yummy and gooey to eat.  Ut Huh.  Not at all.  This was not boding well with my marathon watching.  I was loosing great time to be stuck in the show.  I tossed it and tried to get it to melt.  The dogs still was ignoring the popcorn on the floor.  So I put the whole bowl down.  One of them sniffed it.  Wow, what a food snob I have in a pack of dogs.

Not to be thrown when it comes to the popcorn movie watching I had planned I popped a third bag of popcorn.  Honestly my popcorn budget just tripled.  But plain popcorn was not what I was craving.  Then I remembered I had read about putting Hidden Valley Original Ranch dressing & seasoning mix on the popcorn.  You know the powder packets you use to make dressing for the holidays.  I tore one open (no popcorn flying this time) and sprinkled some on my hot bowl of yummy.  Yeah, that did the trick.  Great scent wafted up to me and I mixed it up with my hands.  Licking the seasoning mix off my fingers as I went back to the couch I noticed a following.

Yeah!  The dogs.  Did not want the plain popcorn.  Did not want the carmel popcorn.  But they are trying to 'hound' in on my Ranch Popcorn.  No way!  I am going to be the food snob now.  This was mine.  All yummy spicy homey goodness of it.  They can have the other.  But it was time for my show marathon, the couch and the Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing Popcorn.


joined the Hidden Valley® Original Ranch® BzzCampaign and received samples and coupons.  That is how I had the seasoning mix right on hand.  What a life saver in the snack department.  And yes, I did get the popcorn cleaned up off the floor with no help from the dogs.

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