Witches Really?

I have a friend who lives up north.  Way north.  Farther than that even.  Way up there.  Okay, I give her heck about moving from Texas to live in Maine.  But she is happy up there.

Well Halloween is almost here and every year she travels to Salem for the holiday.  She loves learning more every year about the witch trials.  Well I have a book to send her.  It is not the Salem witch trails but better yet.  It is from the history of Karen Vorbechk Williams family tree.  My Enemy’s Tears: The Witch of Northampton is based on the historical record of Karen’s 11th great-grandmother Mary Bliss Parsons and Mary’s arch enemy Sarah Lyman Bridgeman. Their lives trace the journey of not only the English Separatists to the New World and the growth of the first settlements along the Connecticut River from Hartford and Springfield to Northampton, but the lives of women in 17th century New England as well.

I had this book sent to me from PR by the Book out of Austin Texas.  Love working with local companies.  And JD took off with it before I had a chance to read it.  Finally I have it back after getting her apartment all set up.  Since then it has been my night time reading companion.  This was not a fluff piece (thank goodness) but a really life telling story.  Going through the life of Mary Bliss Parsons and gave me great insight as to what daily life was like in the  17th century.  Also it was interesting to read how the smallest of things could get you accused of witch craft.  Mostly other peoples envy and pride.  

I think that now that I have finished reading Karen's book I am going to mail it to my friend.  I think she will find it a great read and knowledgeable too.

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