Doughnuts, Arthritis and Brains?

Are you addicted to Pintrest or on the Pintrest Diet like me?  I love looking at all the recipe ideas.  It goes along with my cookbook addiction I have here at home.  You too?  Okay, maybe not but I am sure you know my kind.  Fluffly lady that seems to always have a bit of flour on her cheek.  Guilty!

Also you are aware of my Homer Simpson Doughnut addiction.  I found out that my niece (lil stick slim gal that she is) also is caught up in this.  We should belong to DDA (Dunking Donuts Anoyomus) group.  Well it does not help when I have a whole cookbook dedicated to my heart's desire.  150 Best Donut Recipes: Fried or Baked by George Geary is like a kitchen bible for me.  Since I recently started making yeast bread (yeah I am slow there) it is just right that I make donuts.  I am starting off with Cinnamon Honey Donuts.  It sounds just right on a crisp October morning with a hot cup of coffee.

There are recipes for the baked and fried donuts along with glazes, icing and fillings.  It is so droolable.  (Is that a word?)  There is even Maple Bacon Bars!  You  knew it was coming, bacon and donuts.  Awwwww baby!

Now I should be just as excited about my other cookbook, The Complete Arthritis Health, Diet Guide & Cookbook.  I know that if I can get my pain down and the inflammation subsided I will feel much better.  Of course I am sure this does not let me tons of donuts but one every now and then won't be horrid.  But the bacon actually is one I need to cut back on.  It really does not help with the inflammation.  I have been combing through this book and finding so much information.  It is the ABC book on arthritis.  From what it is, how it comes about to what to do to help and everything in between.

If I am really looking to help myself then I can also work on my brain power.  You know with age you do not only have to think of the physical pitfalls but of the mental ones too.  With me also battling mental illness I am sure that if I improve my brain I will help with my depression.  Chicken Soup for the Soul (what a wonderful group) shares Boost Your Brain Power with us.  Now I know there are ways to improve your memory but did you know you can also wake up your brain to help shape your thoughts and emotions.  I try to do that myself every day.  Looking at the half full glass or better yet the birds singing outside attitude does help me.  And remember the old adage of use it or lose it.  Well it is true.  We have to work out brains out as well as our muscles.

I want to thank all of the companies that invest in this blog daily.  It is great to have these books cross my desk and find permanent homes on my book shelves and kitchen.  Even it is with a doughnut in my hand when I am reading them.

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