JD Sees Her Goals

JD is loving her loft apartment.  It is so bright and airy.   All that sunshine sure does help keep her spirits up too.  Too bad she works two jobs and is not home much.  But if you look around you will see what helps her focus.  There are books everywhere in her apartment.  You can only see a few in this shot.  Bright colors all around her too.  

 Now there is also something else there that most people do not see.  Notes.  Yes, notes. Do you notice them in the bathroom hanging from the cabinets.  It is so she can learn what is placed where.  You see JD is a Visual Learner.  She can see something and it sticks for her.  Her skills for memorizing is amazing when she sees the same thing over and over again.  I first noticed this when she was little and would watch videos.  In no time at all she was able to do a whole show verbatim even telling us the actions as well as the dialog.  That must be why she was such a great Theater major.

Bette Fetter has helped many visual learners.  With JD having ADD it is very noticeable that she depends on visual skills to learn.  Being a right brain thinker guides her to the arts but it also what helps guide future scientists, engineers and mathematicians.  Visual students, however, are struggling in a test-heavy education system that favors left-brain linear thinkers.  I love that Bette Fetter has presented a case for art classes being a must have so that students can use those skills to develop and strengthen visual learners.

Being Visual is a great tool to help your own Young Rembrandt.  Sharing tools so that your child can gain these skills.

  • Fine motor skills (handwriting)
  • Attention to detail and focus
  • Process, order and completion
  • Visual discrimination
  • Time on task
  • Visual-spatial organization skills
  • Sequencing
  • Expanded image vocabulary
  • Persistence and follow through
  • Patience, discipline and manners
  • Increased self esteem and confidence

JD may not have the best art skills.  But when she draws out her ideas, lays out her plans to see and looks at them daily, she achieves what she sets out to do.  We have been blessed that she has had Theater in college to help her visualize complete ideas.  And that she is such an avid role play writer.  Again it is being able to see, draw, write and create that helps her learn.

Thanks so to Bette Fetter for sharing her book Being Visual with us.  I let JD see it so she could use the ideas within to help her in her next steps of life.  It must be great for she will not even let me borrow it here at home.  She says the book stays at her loft.  Bette that must be equal to two thumbs up!   like like

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