Energy Boost

 Princess Emma is on her first soccer team.  And she is loving it!  With the practices we have seen the energy she puts out there.  Add in her long school days, extra homework with the gifted and talented program and her guitar lessons.  This girl has a full schedule.  

But it is so fun to watch her on the field "not dancing"!  Yes, she runs, jumps and kicks like the other players.  Then she also twist, turns, pirouettes and has jazz hands all going on.  She tells us she is not dancing but we see the difference.  Sorry for the fuzzy action shot here.

With all this energy she is has a new vitamin added to her regime.  Playmaker Nutrition has a chewable vitamins free of preservatives, gelatin, and corn syrup.  This vitamin is designed to meet the needs of athletic kids, tweens and teens.  Princess Emma says that they are "Yummy Good!"  That helps since a yucky taste will so turn one off of a healthy habit.  

Now for the really cool part.  2012 Summer Olympian NBA star Kevin Love, Winter Olympic Gold Medalist Lindsey Vonn, Oakland Raiders Running Back Darren McFadden and Colorado Rockies Outfielder Carlos Gonzalez are the founders and owners of  Playmaker Nutrition.  The partners found that, growing up, there were no products or companies specifically designed to meet the growing needs of athletic teens such as themselves, with the health market either segmented towards toddlers or adults. Their goal is to educate and motivate the next generation of children and athletes to become early health adaptors so that they are not forced to go it alone. Isn't it wonderful how these athletes from all walks of life have come together to take on the world of youth nutrition and give the kids of tomorrow what they don’t have today.

I am thankful for the bottle of  Playmaker Nutrition that was sent for us to try.  It is great to have a SUGAR FREE MULTIVITAMIN that is:

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