Broken Hearts Need Healing

Sometimes we just can not find the words to tell someone how we care.  Or to give them solace from the harm that is there.  A child's mind can understand but still questions what he hears.  So with this we can try and help begin the repair.

Daddy's Not Coming Home by Jeremy LeBon and Illustrated by Morgan Griffin is a book that we wish was not needed.  Sadly it is.  With kindness, gentle words and soft paintings a story unfolds to explain what has been told.  Though this is not a story for many, it is a story that many need to hear.  And with great forethought it may be just what starts the conversation that helps.

This is published by Diamond DMT Publishing.  They are an independently owned, Christian-based Publishing Company whose main purpose is to seek out exceptional talent in the Arts, especially in writing, music, art and photography. And their goal is to assist worthy individuals with a chance to be published, when they may not otherwise have the opportunity to share their works with the world.   I wish to thank them for this book to review.  Now that I am done with it I want to send it to TAPS so that it may be able to help families there.

I felt that this video was a great attribution to this book.  May you be blessed today and remember to always reach out and try to help those around you every day.  You may never know that your the kindness they just needed in that moment.


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