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Today I want to rest.  Actually I want to sleep.  I am exhausted from the weekend and need to catch up on some much needed shut eye.  But I need to do house work too.  5 loads of laundry on a sunless day.  So I am not to sure as to the clothes drying well on the line.  We did our massive Sunday morning feast breakfast with family in for the reunion.  Thus I have some more dishes to wash. Sweeping before the dust bunnies take over my bed and pillow.  Oh you know how the list goes on and on.  Of course Dear Hubby is snoring in the other room too.

But I think I will wind up the week with my latest kiddos movie fest.  Having seen the grandbabes yesterday, I know that I want to share some DVD's with them.  Christmas is coming up soon and I am already thinking of that direction.  Also I have three grandbabes to plan for this year.  My youngest is just starting to walk.  And I know he has become a big fan of the Veggie Tales shows.  Now I could not pick a better video to enjoy.  So for him I have two DVD's picked out.

There is Little Ones Can Do BIG Things Too! of the Veggie Tales.  And 3-2-1 Penguins! with the complete 1st season on one DVD.  This has been on NBC and is part of the Big Idea group that does Veggie Tales.  I love penguins so sharing them with my lil Turtle just makes me smile.  I know his mom is now working so when she gets home as much as she wants to just sit and play life goes on.  With a quick show she can do a load of dishes and pop in some laundry while the Turtle dances around in the living room.  We all need that lil bit of time that we know they are watching a safe program as we do the mad dash through the cleaning.  Veggie Tales also has such great songs to sing-a-long with too!  The bonus features on both show how to draw a character.  The older Grandbabes will like that!  You can watch the trailers for 3-2-1 Penguins and Little Ones Can Do Big Things Too on YouTube.

There is also an all time favorite of The Pound Puppies that is now on the HUB.  I use to collect the lil puppies for my own girl.  Now I can introduce the puppies to my Grandbabes.  I bet that my middle boy will love to see them.  He will be barking along with the pups.  This is the Super Secret Pup Club.  I wonder if the kiddos will try to make their own club house after seeing this one.  If nothing else a blanket over the dining room chairs would make a great big ol dog house to laze in while watching the 5 different episodes on the DVD.  On October 16, 2012, Pound Puppies: Super Secret Pup Club will arrive on DVD from Shout! Factory Kids in collaboration with Hasbro.  The DVD set features five exciting Pound Puppies adventures and also contains  all-new bonus features, includingLearn to Draw Rebound.

If it is not enough then we can add in Disney's Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3: Viva La Fiesta!  Here we have blu-ray, DVD and the digital copy.  So home, car or computer, we are all set up.  I love our own two Chihuahuas and seeig these cavort across the screen just always seems to make me smile.  Come on dogs in lil costumes is always cute.

I want to thank Big Ideas, Shout Factory and Disney for sharing with me and my Grandbabes.  I have some fun sheets to do too.  So I will share them with you too.    We also have a twitter party for BHC 3 that you can win $20 Amazon gift card or DVD movie pack.  If that is not enough I am also giving away a copy of the DVD combo pack below via Rafflecopter.  So pop on down and enter.  Make sure you take the time from all of your chores to sit with the kiddos. Make a movie night or maybe a lazy Sunday for time to play, sing, dance and even bark your way through a good show.

Download Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3 Activities!

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DateSeptember 18, 2012
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They are giving away twenty $20 Amazon.com gift cards and a Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3 Blu-ray Combo Pack to our random winners! 10 prizes will be randomly awarded to participants tweeting an invitation to their followers before the party using the #PapiSpeaks hashtag, and 10 will be randomly awarded to participants tweeting with the #PapiSpeaks hashtag during the party! (Please see pre-party official rules and Twitter party official rules.)
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  1. shelby brigham9/16/12, 5:00 PM

    i love english shepherd

  2. My sister's Old English Sheepdog! She was beautiful and so friendly!!

  3. My sister's Old English Sheepdog! She was beautiful and so friendly!

  4. I love my yorkie!! He's so loyal

  5. I love my dog Bear.He is a mutt from the pound.Our vet found 13 different dogs in him and just said lets call Bear a WV brown dog.He is the best furbaby!! We love him.

  6. I have many favorite doggies. One my big ole Shadow (Lab/Newfoundland mix), he is our big ole boy. Then we have Princess Sophie, she goes where ever I go and if there is room on my lap she thinks she needs to be on it. Then we have our daughters Mr. Motley, the wise one and the newest one is baby Daisy, she is such a precious Princess.


  7. My favorite dog was a jack russel terrier named Maggie May
    she was my dads dog.

  8. Gabbie ♥


  9. My mom has a bunch of coyotes I like them. Lilhottemomma@yahoo.com
    I had a chocolate lab named lilli. I loved her

  10. i have a black lab and he is the best dog ever

  11. I have two beautiful babies...annie and brady - one of them is a german shepard, and the other a malamute mix. I love them both...they a good big babies!

    trisha71478 at gmail dot com

  12. A chihuahua mix. love him :D

  13. our little maltese bichon Snowflake :)

  14. our little maltese bichon Snowflake :)

  15. I have a lil brown daschund puppy named Molly! She is legit the cutest dog I have ever seen! And she acts so human! She tries to cuddle with me everynight, she sleeps on her back its just crazy how many funny/amazing things she does! I love my Moly so much!

  16. I prefer bigger dogs like labs or golden retrievers.

  17. I had an Old English Sheep Dog for 18 years before she passed and I just loved her and miss her.


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