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Friday.....oh your finally here!  I am so so so glad.  Why?  Well because I am tired.  And I wanna rest.  And for some odd reason I think I will since it is a weekend. And and a n d . . . ? Well, you is FRIDAY!

You get this way?  Ready for that amazing break in the week that some how tells us that we can stop doing it all to unwind, sit back and relax.  Do you do just that?  I think we often plan for that but still end up doing the oh my goodness so much to accomplish days that we are use to.  Especially as women who feel that we must be the end all for our families.
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I want to stop and play like the kids do.  I want to kick off my shoes and bounce on the bed.  I want to flop on the floor and read a book.  Or lay on the couch with my head hanging off backwards while I watch a show upside down and it make perfect sense to me.  Come on who wants to join me?

Well what would I watch if I was a kid?  I could go with the girly fav of Cinderella.  Was always one I loved.  Or we could pop into fantasy of the Wizard of Oz.  Loved later books where Ozma was introduced.  How about for the guys?  My brother loved, loved, loved G. I. Joe.  His G. I. Joe teamed up with the Johnny West set and kidnapped my Barbies.  Poor girls died in the middle of the army meets wild west fight.  He said they would not stay on the side walk by the saloon and was slaughtered in the middle of a shoot out.  Buried them somewhere and now over 30 years later still will not tell me where.  I would dig them up.

Did you know you can still see the G. I. Joe show?  Really, G. I. Joe Renegades is on DVD in the complete first season.  This was on the hub TV channel before.  I have a copy of the DVD from SHOUT! Factory and Hasbro.  Thanks to them for sharing with me.  I think I will keep it and give it to my brother as a Christmas gift.  At 60+ he will still be the first to sit and watch it.  I guess we really never grow up.  If your want a copy to see or share or introduce your lil man to it will be out on the 25th of September.  It has 3 disc on blu-ray so you can really see it great on the new hi-def screens.  Do you remember the names of the characters?  Ripcord and Snake Eyes were great.  But I was a fan of Tunnel Rat.  My brother would be right there with Duke, Roadblock and Scarlett fighting so that Cobra will see them for the heroes they are.

How about reading a great children's book.  Do you do that at night with your kiddos?  Remember being read too?  Isn't that one of those times when you felt like all was right with the world.  I shared a book with Princess Emma this last week.  With school starting up it was perfect, About Planet Earth.  She is reading a lil more now but needs plenty of help with those big words.  So I thought if she could follow the words with the sound of it being read it might be interesting.  You know those books that have the lil faces you press and it reads to you?  Yeah!  Kids love them.  Moms do too when they are just too tired to read.  That way we can cuddle and let the book read while our lil one enjoys.  Newman Communications Inc. shared with me the catalog from AZ Books.  It has more than 200 children's books in it.  All those kind we love as kids.  Pop-ups, electronic, sound, talking, musical and more that can help really foster the love of reading.  And all of them were under $20 so very affordable.

Oh and you should see Joi the Koi Gets a New Home.  Thank you to Black River Market for sharing with me.  I have the perfect idea for this book.  It is why I have always loved children's books.  Wrap up beautiful illustrations by Gwen Clifford and a great educational yet interesting tale written by Devon Anthony that you can flip and read or listen to on the CD that is in English and Spanish.  Then you have Joi.  It is great that it has real fish facts in the back of the book so that kids can really see that what they read relates to every day life.  Princess Emma has been wanting a tank of fish for over a year now.  She even has the tank and fixings for it.  All she needs are the fish, water and food.  What do you think?  Should we do that along with Joi the Koi Gets a New Home for her Christmas present?  What a great way for all of it to come together.  She could read and learn while also having real life experience of caring for her fish.  I think that would be perfect.

You see it is a good Friday.  I have sat here and remembered that it is the unwinding and relaxing in an abandon that a child would have that makes those times special.  They never feel guilty for just having fun.  Nor do they stop to be responsible all of the time.  Instead kids play with all their might.  And be nab it.....I am going to do just that myself!

Thanks once again to the PR firms that have helped me today.  It is a joy to work with you.  I treasure the gifts of books and shows that come in the mail.  But more so I treasure the ability to share with my readers.  It is great to share about what is new today.  Thanks once again.

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