Something I Discovered About My Partner

My 9th anniversary is coming up next month and I have to say it feels like I have always been married to Dear Hubby.  He will be 50 this year and we will not discuss the years I become this next week.  And even though we have not be married forever there are ways that life makes it feel just as natural as forever.  

I have learned many things about Dear Hubby.  His silly fear of sharks which I love to play up on.  That if I kiss him on the neck he will always suppress a giggle.  He always seems to notice every blond in 100 yard radius and I have never been a blond.  And that no matter who he sees his first thought is still me.  

But what I have discovered that I love the very most is that he has a wicked sense of adventure.  Even when his common sense is saying "no way", his desire is nodding it's head and telling me "why not".   It is that part of him that keeps our love life alive.  The let's try it and see.  And it is that sense of adventure that will take the less traveled path to see where we wind up at.  Then it is also there when we have messed up with a 'hell it was fun to find out' attitude.  I love that he does not admonish me when I have made a boo-boo in the checking account.  Or that the dinner did not turn out and it looks like Ramon noodles are the better bet.   That I can turn to him one moment with doubt of what is going to happen next and he is going to hug me tight with a glint in his eye knowing that we will find a way to see the silver lining really soon.

Now why did I tell you all of this?  Well I was contacted by PR by the Book about Anne Browning Walker's book The Booby Trap.  The title alone made me curious.  But when I read the synopsis for the book I was hooked.   So I had to tell Babs (isn't that a great name?) to send it on.  Now Babs could not just let it be a run of the mill book tour.  No she had to put her  fun twist on it.  I am one of many (oh how Borg that sounds) that will also be in the running for a $100 gift card to  Taking off of the bright red heel on the book it was thought to be a fun way to share both The Booby Trap and award a reviewer.  I popped over to see what I would pick out if I won.  What do you think? 

Yes, Betsy Johnson (I love her wild sense of fun) Ditan in Pink Neon (my signature color).  Don't you think this would go with Dear Hubby's wild sense of adventure?

Welcome to the Booby Trap, a seedy bar in Everett, Mass. where waitresses' skirts are high, necklines are low, and customers show up for the eye candy.

This is the setting for Walker’s provocative novel, The Booby Trap (Pixel Entertainment/Butler Books, September 2012) in which Harvard Ph.D. candidate Bambi Benson finds the waitresses prime research for her degree in women's studies, and embarks on a mission to go undercover and completely immerse herself in their world. All goes well until handsome local celebrity Trip Whitley enters the scene.

A fun, absorbing read, The Booby Trap was written with a particular audience in mind: Walker's closest friends.

"I wanted my heroine to reflect the many smart, savvy, thoughtful, and driven women in my life," Walker says. “Bambi is a modern-day heroine who values ambition and success in her own career, and also makes time for love.”

ANNE BROWNING WALKER is a career writer and researcher. Currently living in Washington, D.C. with her husband, Walker is a member of Romance Writers of America and is working on her next romance novel. 


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