Thyme Knows No End

Well it is a busy weekend for me.  Starting off with watermelon picking and ending up with packing to start another week of house sitting.  Thus I am saved by the bell by Miss Ashley.  She is here to share her take on two new books she just finished.

Miss Ashley is my neighbor across the street.  Her mother Nessa introduced me to blogging and has been such a God send in helping me understand so many of the ins and outs.  Miss Ashley is 12 soon to be 13 and entering 7th grade this fall. I adore that she is such an avid reader as I have always been.  She devoured these two books in no time at all.  As a matter of fact she is working on a trilogy for us right now.

The Tartan of Thyme Series
Published by Inside Pocket
Book One: Justin Thyme
Book Two: Thyme Running Out

By Ashley M.

The books were truly hard to stop reading at all.  I love how the plot has quite a few twist to it.  Justin is 13 and embarks on an amazing adventure.  The world all together is different while Justin works on an invention that is the cause of his adventure.  The clock is ticking wile he works to solve a mystery that proves to be harder and stranger by the second.  The book gives you footnotes and a few pages to solve the mystery yourself.  I give these books a "billion" stars!  Be sure to look at the covers closely for hints too.

I wish to thank Ellen Myrick for sharing these two books with us.  They are really good books and I have to say I think are great books to start off with before one moves up to series such as Harry Potter.  Not only are these well written but they really do have a quick pace to keep the mind active.  I do not know how Miss Ashley found the proper clues but once she did and shared with me I was so tickled.  What a smart lil lady she is and how fun it was to see the hidden messages.


  1. I finished all the books I have now. I loved reafing these books for you. Thanks Lenore!!

  2. I'm so glad you enjoyed these, Ashley! The publisher is Inside Pocket. They are distributed here by Lerner Publisher Services but they are based in England, as you could probably tell! Yes, there is more Thyme coming!

    1. I can't wait for more!!! I'm overjoyed that you liked my review!!!


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