Emotional Baggage

This is not my normal post.
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Life is fine.  Life is normal.  Yet life has it's curve balls.

Now I am not here to slam (mad as I am) any one person or action.  So I will try to keep this neutral.  But I want to know your opinion.

What do you do or how do you handle when someone really upsets you, makes you mad, hurts your feelings and those of your families (especially your child).  Even if they later come back through other ways to send an apology about the situation.  Yet, and I have to add this in for it is important to me, they do not apologize to you or your child directly at all.

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Situation really does not matter when you boil down the facts.  What matters is that when someone basically steps on you for what ever reason and your left holding on to the emotional baggage it created.  Then add in that your child (even though mine is an adult) also is carrying around that same issue.  If feels like the wound is there even though in time it will heal.  There will still be a mark left or in this case a memory.  What do you do when you see there are repeats of this same type of issue from the very same people over and over again.

Currently as upset as I am I just want to say to Hell with it all.  Walk away.  (No this is not my Dear Hubby in any way!)  Basically divorce myself from those people so they can not do it to me again as the past has shown me  happens.  I do not want to make nice.  I do not want to accept an apology that is not given to me or my child.  I do not want to open myself up to being tramped on again.

I feel I have learned this lesson.  So do you do just that?  Do you walk away?  Is it possible to just say lesson learned, move on?

By the way, yes it is people who are very close to my family and important to them in every way. Thus the indecision.  And the great pain too!


  1. When somebody has done something to me, and they know it is wrong, I expect an apology directly. Some sort of backhanded or through another person apology will not fix things. They need to look me in the eye so I know they mean it.

  2. Hurt feelings go both ways. Not good to hang on so much anger. Respect goes both ways too.

    1. Thanks for reminding me of this too.

    2. Really pray that all will be ok in near future. Do love you.


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