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In Texas it seems that immigration is not looked on favorable.  With us sharing the border of Mexico and the United States, often the way to a new life is not always through the proper channels.  But it does not mean that these families do not need the chance to have a better life.  Making it harder for them weather it be from bullying by residents, making it harder to obtain paperwork or just denying a chance for a good job is not going to make the situation any better.  The children also suffer with education and language barriers.  Does this make it right to come over the border illegally?  No. So how can we help?

I wish that Immigration and Adaptation was required reading for those seeking citizenship in the United States.  Why?  Well not to make someone jump through one more hoop.  But for the education and help it can provide.  There are so many issues that are not thought of at first.  Often it is just pointing out the obvious that can make a traumatic event into one of growth.  I can not imagine how it would be to leave all I have ever known to move to a foreign land.  Haskell G. Edwards, D. Min. has taken the time to see what steps can really help a family adapt to our country.    

I really like the exercises he has included to help families work on for a smoother transition.  They remind me of such family meetings that my neighbors had when I was growing up.  They had moved to our Texas town from Korea.  It was strengthening for me to see a family of three generations work so hard to adapt and change through healthy exercises.  Weather it be the required reading time the kids had daily to help learn language skills.  Or Grandmother repeating phrases and words from the television while one of the older children translated it's meaning.  Meals where a time to discuss economics, plans for the future and how to handle situations at school or work.  It seemed they learned much of what  Immigration and Adaptation  is all about.

Adaptation is a must. But how does one go about doing this? It takes great planning, finances, and courage to leave one's homeland; but then finding support and comfort or anything of familiarity in a new land presents a whole new set of challenges. The stress is overwhelming. How do you gain the happiness and success you dreamed of attaining in the new land?

Immigration and Adaptation  is here to help you navigate through these challenges. With the information herein, immigrants coming to North America will be prepared to identify and resolve social, family, and personal challenges with confidence. Mr. Edwards' vast professional experience with diverse immigrant families, as well as his own personal journey and genuinely encouraging approach, not only help immigrant families adapt to new surroundings, but grow stronger together in their journey.

This book includes:
- A family wellness test
- Step-by-step guidelines
- Real-life examples
- Inspirational stories
- Family, parenting, and spousal exercises
- Illustrations
- Single-parenting advice

Immigration and Adaptation  also includes tips on: building self-confidence, resolving conflicts, tuning communication skills, networking and building social supports, budgeting, parenting, enhancing spousal relationships, helping teenagers adjust, communicating effectively, and more.

Haskell G. Edwards, D. Min. has vast professional experience for more than forty years as pastor, administrator, family therapist, and director of a family therapy center. His extensive experience gained from working with immigrant families in a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic setting, as well as his own personal journey and genuinely encouraging approach, positions him not only to help immigrant families adapt to new surroundings, but grow stronger together in their journey.

He has successfully held immigrant seminars, workshops, and lectures throughout North America. Now a retired pastor, he continues to help immigrant families of a wide cultural heritage transition into their new homeland.

I wish to thank Tribute Books so much for the constant support they provided Crazed Mind.  I do not know of any other book lover that makes sure I have all I need for each book review.  

Publisher:  Langdon Street Press
Price: $16.95
Release: September 15, 2011
ISBN: 9781936782239
Pages: 272


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  1. Lenore, I think this if your best review yet (and you've written plenty of stellar ones). I can tell how much this topic means to you based on your own personal experience. Thanks for putting faces and stories to the topic at hand. Well done!

    1. Nicole, Thanks for the vote of confidence. It is greatly appreciated. I do feel we are here on Earth to help each other. Only through that task can we ever achieve peace with each other and in our own lives. I would hope that this could open up the hearts and eyes of others to reach out a friendly hand.


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