Never Let Your Faith Drop

To who it may interest.  
Life has had me upside down.  
Beaten up and torn apart.  
I felt like I was at a breaking point.  
Then tonight.  
Floods of help has arrived.  
Thanks ever so much to my family for their support.  
My niece and nephew for loving and caring for us.  
To Salvation Army and Alco for helping us in a time of need.  
And fate for coming through finally.  
By the way...that is my adorable turtle up there looking so surprised!  
Maybe he saw his Coppie (aka Dear Hubby) after a hard days work.


  1. Sorry it has been so crappy for you, I am glad it is turning around!

  2. lol awesome picture don't you agree?

    1. Totally agree, they are both awesome! I love seeing The Turtle with his eyes ever so big!


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