Giants are Helping Me

I am sad today. You see I was to have my grandbabes here as of today. And if you look around you will notice a great lack of kiddos, fingerprints and loud noises. It is as if we are in a deep sleeping desert here. The heat is stifling.

I am frustrated too.  You see our central a/c went out at the beginning of the summer.  We accepted the fact and put a window unit up in the front of the house.  We also put one in each bedroom, Granny M's and our own.  That made it bearable.  Texas summers are scorchers.  Well at the end of June the a/c unit in the front of the house went belly up.  That cooled the living room, dining room and kitchen.  We found out what was wrong and ordered the $20 part.  No big deal.

JD agreed to care for the house while we went on vacation.  She is working two jobs and felt that she would not be here much.  Keeping the animals cooled during the day in the bedroom and her self at night for a week was not bad.  We expected the part just any day after we returned home.  NOPE!

The Salvation Army logo (Anglophone Version)
The Salvation Army logo (Anglophone Version) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
After a month of ordering the part we found out that it is on back order.  Everywhere.  Yes, honestly everywhere.  The living areas of the house are sweltering.  We can not cook even.  Try living for weeks on end in a bedroom only.  Oh and add in your dogs for they are hot.  Wait a minute.  The cats want in too, of course.  Stir crazy?  A bit to say the least.

I finally just broke down.  I went looking at every place I could think of for a replacement part.  We can not afford to purchase another a/c to replace this one.  Yesterday I went on bended knee and begged for help.  Salvation Army and Alco were so nice to help me out with a small one room unit.  I can not thank them enough.  It will not really cool the space we have.  But it was the best they could do and it is some air.  With the fans we are trying to circulate the air through out the house.  I will try to cook today.

But I am unsure as to bringing in the grandbabes.  I am not too sure it will be cool enough for them.  They can generate a lot of heat themselves.  So we are going to cancel our last visit of the summer.  And I had such a great story for them to listen to at bedtime.  Well TK would have read it in a day, she loves to read.  It is perfect to help me explain that people that give and serve others, like those at Salvation Army, are the Giants in the Land.

And it has always been so as far as anyone can remember. They work side-by-side with the people, and whenever there is a job too difficult or a threat too great they are there to step in. The giants’ presence gives the townspeople a special confidence about life. But they have become much more dependant on the giants than they realize. One morning the people discover the giants have mysteriously disappeared. Fear and panic grip the town. Someone must find them and bring them back! 

Thomas, a young farmer, volunteers and sets out alone on a great journey of danger and discovery. Thomas learns the true nature of giants and what it means for him and his people. Join Thomas in his timeless rite of passage and learn what it means to become something more than you have been, why it is necessary in life, and how to do it.

Clark Burbidge's path to becoming an award winning author had distant beginnings. He has been actively involved in community and church service, including lay youth and adult ministry, for over 35 years.  Clark enjoys life in the foothills of the Rockies with his wife, children and three grandchildren. He looks forward to this next phase of life's wonderful adventures.

I wish to thank Litfuse blog tours for sharing with me.  It is always such a pleasure to have supportive people to help supply me my books.  Reviews are great fun for me (since I am a vivacious reader) and I always give my honest opinion.

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