Grandbabe Roundup

Today I am off to go and get my Grandbabes after all.  Yippeee!

I have a/c finally and the house feels a thousand times better.  The Grandbabes take over the living room to make it into a kiddo club room.  From the couch and love seat as beds, to the Wii for great jumping fun (did you know you can not play Wii without jumping?) and the games shelf is located there too.  

So what do we have planned for this visit?  Well a swing set was moved into my side yard under the 100+ year old oak tree.  That and the horse swing there will be great fun.  

We have hot wheels to ride around on too!

Sidewalk chalk is one of the favorites around here.  
So what else can we do?  TK asked that we make blue food this time.  I think we are going to do blue spiced apples.  Landon wants to be able to share his DVD's.  And I have some new ones for them too.  Wanna see?

Landon has loved The Adventures of Chuck & Friends before.  So it will be a great surprise to him to have the Monster Rally to watch.  Now what boy does not love seeing trucks.  As a matter of fact we were doing I Spy of blue trucks on the drive back to our home.  He has a sharp eye!  Tonka Chuck is a dump truck that has big dreams.  We all want to teach our lil ones to dream big and it is great that Shout! Factory helped us out by sharing thie Hasbro DVD.  You can pick it up on the 4th of September.

We have The Angry Beavers: Season 3 Part Two that will be released on August 14th.  It is part of the Nickelodeon series of DVD's and was provided to me by Shout! Factory.  JD use to watch this show after school and now I get to introduce it to the Grandbabes.  There are 11 episodes on this one featuring Norbert Foster and Dagget Doofus.  

And then we move on to Danny Phantom.  I know that TK already knows this show.  It is season 2 and has 12 episodes on the disc.  Danny and his friends Tucker and Sam will be ripping through another season of ghost busting.  I am lucky to have this one but you can get it via Shout! Factory and Nickolodeon on the 28th of August.  It is so much fun to have Nick shows right at my fingertips.

Now the next two I will have to jump JD for.  As soon as they arrived she took off with them to her apartment.  Hey maybe I can just send the kids over there to watch them and give myself an afternoon off.  That is a great idea.  But TK and her friends next door will be the ones to jump on the Hub TV Network series of R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour: The series Volume 1 and Volume 2.  Triple score from Shout! Factory on this set.  Now we had all of the Goosebump books when JD was growing up.  But she had not seen these.  Tk will be sure to hear Grayson Russell from Diary of a Wimpy Kid as a guest star.  I think that one night Landon will sleep with us and let TK have a sleep over.  Sure that The Haunting Hour would be great fun then.  By the way did you know that R.L. Stine holds the Guinness Book of World records for the #1 best-selling children's book author for three years?

Well time to get off here and round up the kiddos.  Who has a rope?  Well gosh what else do you expect for me to get a hold of the Texas kids with?

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