Music Soothes

They say music soothes the common beast.  Well it soothes the common kiddo too.  Princess Emma is the first one to start snapping her fingers and tapping her toes to the beat of a song.  Landon is even named for music.  His middle name is Lyric.  So it was a good way to slow down, cool off and regroup when we did Dance Fever in the living room today.  (Bet you did not know it double's as a kiddo disco lounge?)

Makenzie Caine imageWe started off listening to Makenzie Caine.  She sings in a fashion that I think of as bubbly coffee shop music.  Music that makes me want to twirl around as my arms float about and my toes bring me up as far as they can into the air.  She has a new album out with her title song Take This Town starting it out.  Now watch out as each song has a great story to tell.  Young Marine sounds like it is pretty upbeat but if you listen close you will hear the tender healing it has within it.  You can download her digital album for just $6.99.  Makenzie's music nods to her early days on the farm atop her horse in open, endless fields. You may even taste a hint of jazz and theatricality too. It's no surprise since Makenzie is a long-time actor as well.   Thanks so to Makenzie for reaching out to me personally to share her music.  I am honored!

After that we put in Mark Schultz's newest album All Things Possible.  I love the delicate tune of I Will Love You Still.  It makes you slow down, listen and feel your heart in that still place that fills you with peace.  I so wish that my daughter in law would be able to hear Haven't Even Met You Yet.  It makes me think of how it was just a year ago when her and my step son dreamed of their first child was making his appearance in this world.  It was great to know that the kiddos were listening to songs that have a loving message in them.  Even if they do not know it yet.  I am so lucky to find Mark through the Media Collective, thanks for sharing with me too.

Now I would be horrid if I did not share with you my all time favorite musician.  That is Austin Criswell and you can find him on YouTube.  Recently I was so lucky as to have a lil private concert on  He is so talented with doing covers as well as his own original music.  And such a loving heart!  Austin is more than willing to talk to you, share his thoughts and to listen just as well.  He also is the first one to jump in and tell others of new up and coming musicians.  I have to say you should check him out.  I know he will have you listening for hours.  I just have to share this wonderful message, Not Gonna Worry.  Austin, yes I am your fan, I also treasure the gift you share with us.  Austin did not come to me from anyone.  Just 100% sheer luck of hearing him online.  Now I am hooked.  Thanks Austin!

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