Heat Melting Plans

My grandbabes were suppose to get to visit.  Alas we have had a major break down with our a/c.  So it is very hot in out house.  The front living areas are swealtering.  The bedrooms have window units and are bearable.  But I can not handle having the grandbabes locked up in the bedrooms all day long.  I have had to cancel our last week visit of the summer.  Whaaaa!

I know they were looking forward too it.  I am sure their mom was also excited to have one last week break before school started.  And I had prepared.  Sure we were going to do the outside early in the morning thing.  But in mid day we had movies planned.  That is a good way to slow down and stay cooled off.  Sadly we can not do movies all the time to hide inside.  We can not play in the living areas due to fear of melting. 

But here is the movies I had planned.  For my grand daughter and of course Princess Emma I thought My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Royal Pony Wedding would be the bomb.  I mean it is My Little Pony and Pink and Weddings and just to cute.  It has both part one and two of A Canterlot Wedding.  Add in Hearts & Hooves Day, Sweet & Elite, then The Best Night Ever we have five days of shows.  Princess Emma is all about the ponies already.  I am sure that she would be dancing and singing alon with the bonus feature.  My grandbabe, TK loves to color and would enjoy the coloring sheet included.  Shout Kids Factory releases this on the 7th of August.  You can also catch My Little Pony on the HUB TV network.

Now for my grandson I have Dr. Seuss' The Lorax.  It also has 3 mini movies included.  This is also being released on the 7th of August.  I missed this one when it was released at the movies.  It is not often that I get to go to the theater.  But having it at home on DVD can sure be just as good for me.  The Lorax is a great movie to help introduce thinking of how to take care of our planet to young children.  In my day and age it was just considered ecology.  Now it is a whole green movement.  Many kids are not introduced at a young age just how important it is to take care of our plants, animals and natural resources.  I bet that watching The Lorax could be just one step in teaching how to plant, care for and raise healthy trees (or other plants).


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