Bounce Back

I promise I will get back in the swing of things here really soon.

Depressed Daffies
Depressed Daffies (Photo credit: DanRhett)

It is just that I have felt horrid.


Terrible case of empty nest syndrome going on with me.

DL is just down the road a bit. Happily unpacking her things. I am here dreaming of being there to help her. I was officially told "NO touching my things!" I can't blame her. She is excited. It is her first real apartment. DL wants to set it up her way in her time.

Me? Just lonely I guess. Home pretty much alone.
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Hot house since the living half does not have a/c in it. Hiding in dark office where we are trying to keep cooler. Hince the dark is blocking the windows of natural light and natural HEAT!

 Give me a moment. Give me a beer. Maybe then I will bounce back or at least sleep it off.

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  1. Just wait until that empty nest syndrome changes into the OMG-IT'S ALL MINE syndrome. I was pretty shell-shocked when my son left for college in January, but then I fell in LOVE....with a clean house and very light laundry loads and freedom around meals!

    Hang in there-you will learn to love it.


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