Hope Springs Eternal in Love

Well I have to tell you about my girlfriends get together.  Most of us are married or have been married.  Yes, we have a few happy single gals that we learn from.  Why do I say this?  Well marriage takes effort.  Even the best of relationships require that both parties work toward a single goal.

We all were 'hanging out', talking about how we make it work.  For some of us it is really clear communication.  Funny that in the closest relationships teasing each other may often sound like bickering to others yet the two involved are actually having great fun with each other.  It is important that you know what are your relationship boundries to be able to play like this.  JD was kind enough to show off how you can spice things up with play.  Here she is in costume that would certainly turn an eye toward a positive outcome.

Another tip was taking time away from everyone else.  It does not mean that you have to go away and spend tons of money.  Most of the time it is as simple as a Sunday afternoon drive or a walk around the square enjoying an ice cream cone.  What is important is that your not interrupted while having time to just share the everyday events. 

One of our single ladies lamented how her and her ex could never seem to be on the same page.  If one was concerned with how the household was going the other would seem to be focused on life at work.  She felt that if they had been able to really come together about an issue things in their life would have been so much smoother.

I had the best time with my friends. We laughed, played, drank, and talked forever.  We were lucky to have this chance thanks to House Party and Hope Springs.  If you're not familiar with House Party it is a company that partners with certain sponsors and individuals have the opportunity to host fabulous parties courtesy of the company. In exchange for hosting the party, you receive an exclusive package of items needed for the gathering. The selection process is competitive and not everyone is selected.
In my package, I received:
11 Hope Springs canvas tote bags
12 Hope Springs wine glasses
11 Hope Springs IOU booklets
11 Hope Springs relationship guides
2 movie vouchers
1 set of romance conversation cards
2 Hope Springs mini posters

So how do we do that.  How do couples know that they are going off the tracks and need help before the whole thing derails?  Well often it is that tension you feel when your in the same room.  Or how you are trying to make your relationship look good to others when you know how sad you actually feel.  Many of us seek out counsel from others.  Family, friends, religion and counselors are often sought out for advice.  Often it helps.  But most of the time it seems we need to get back to that place where the relationship started.  That feeling of life would never go on without the other half of you being there. 

I know that I find that with Dear Hubby most often by a simple touch.  Weather it be my trailing my fingers down his back or him wrapping his arms around my shoulders in a deep hug.  It is that touch that reminds us that the electricity we feel is our souls connecting.  And that life is not fulfilling without this sensation. 

The movie Hope Springs brings just that thought to mind.  Mid life seems to be an easy time to let a relationship go to pot.  Where we get complacent, forgetting that it is a constant desire for each other that makes life feel complete.  While us gals where gathered we enjoyed our wine from our Hope Springs glasses.  There was the booklets that shared tips.  I loved that it was put in a comical way to bring across a valid point.  The ladies were happy to pack up their goodies in the canvas bags that we had as well as taking home thier memento wine glass. 

I am going to be able to catch the movie starring Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones this next weekend.  It is going to be a date night for Dear Hubby and I.  We do not get to go to the movies very often but this one should be well worth it.  Not only is there two of our favorite stars but a story line that we both can so understand.  Keeping our marriage healthy is the fore most desire for both of us.  Having been married twice before (both of us) we know that it is easy to let a relationship die and harder to keep the spark going.  This is not a mistake we ever want to happen now that we have found each other. 

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