Bubba! Yipee!

Guess what?  My youngest older brother is getting married!  I am so excited for him and his lovely lady.  They make such a great couple.  The only sad thing is that I can not attend.  Too many events packed into one day and I had to make a choice.

Yet, Granny M is going to make it.  (Of Course!)  Well, I am wanting to send a lil something for the blushing bride.  This may be their second marriage each and in the second part of their lives too.  But a bride is always beautiful to see.  I know they will treasure every moment of the day.

I have Chicken Soup for the Soul: Here Comes the Bride as a gift.  It is a great way to commemorate the day.  Also to have lil snips of stories to read in those spare parts of a day is always nice.  We all have out special stories of when we married.  It may have been the special way he proposed.  Or that it really was a shot gun wedding since good ol daddy was not so thrilled his lil girl had grown up.  I like that there are second chances in life like this time for them.  Heck Dear Hubby and I are thrilled we had a third chance each and found each other.  Mid-life love sometimes is the best of all.  May not be as energetic but it sure does have staying power. 


  1. i am so sorry to hear that u cant attend your brothers wedding but i think you picked out a lovely gift for the bride to be!


  2. *gasp* I so want to read this!


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