Cleaning is Art

Have you see graffiti that has been amazing?  More than just tagging but really beautiful art work.  I have seen some in the Dallas area that I loved.  We would take photos of it so we could frame them as lil vignettes of modern art.

Well I recently saw this video that was creating amazing art but in a different way.  One that I thought was inspiring.  Mr. Kiji does a reverse graffiti.  He takes Green Works cleaners and uses them to clean away sections of dirt to reveal the art underneath.   Drawing inspiration from nature, artist Mr. Kiji used Green Works cleaners as the medium to create murals in a mundane underpass in Silver Lake, with the hope that the unexpected art exhibit illustrates that cleaning can be beautiful and inspires viewers to do their part.    I have to agree!  Simply by watching the time-lapse video of the transformation at, $1 will be donated to the Environmental Media Association, promoting more green works.
Thank you so very much! I know it's a huge ask, but Green Works changed a few things.  
This organization raises funds for environmental conservation projects.  

 I am lucky to have a bottle of Green Works sent to me soon. I can't wait to see if I can do my own ART work while cleaning my home. Thanks to Green Works for sharing with me.

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