Best Friends Day

You all know that JDL recently graduated from College. And many of y'all heard about Wellesley High English teacher David McCullough Jr. told graduates "You are not special. You are not exceptional," quoting empirical evidence. Well I have to say that he is right in many ways. We are not automatically amazing people.  But we all can be amazing. One of the things I think helps young girls know this is from AN AMERICAN GIRL: MCKENNA SHOOTS FOR THE STARS where McKenna learns "No one achieves greatness without help from others."

Today is Best Friends Day (June 8, 2012) and we are celebrating it here with my grandbabes, Princess Emma and our neighbor Ashley. They have all been sharing and helping each other. In our DIG IN THE DIRT 101 class (having fun out in the yard) we have filled more containers with mud than can be believed. Pretending they are meals, supplies and even meds to care for our doll. They have been caring for JDL's American Girl doll she has had since she was 8 years old.

 Her AG doll has been in Girl Scouts with her, joined band with the violin, adopted pets (a husky) and even has her own outfit for graduation and sailor uniform for when JDL was in the Navy. And now there will be a DVD that we can all enjoy.    AN AMERICAN GIRL: MCKENNA SHOOTS FOR THE STARS that arrives on Blu-ray™ Combo Pack, DVD, and Digital Download on July 3, 2012, from Universal Studios Home Entertainment. This will be a great addition to our collection. I think that TK will really love it. Here are a few clips from the show.

"Best Friends" McKenna (Jade Pettyjohn) hears some reassuring words from her best friend Toulane (Ysa Penarejo).

"Stick to Your Routine" Couch Manning (Cathy Rigby) advises McKenna (Jade Pettyjohn) to stick to her routine.

 High five for BFFs Toulane (Ysa Penarejo) and McKenna (Jade Pettyjohn)!

Here are character descriptions of the best friends in AN AMERICAN GIRL: MCKENNA SHOOTS FOR THE STARS:

MCKENNA BROOKS McKenna is an energetic, determined girl who lives for gymnastics—at least she thinks she does, until an injury and a wise tutor help her see that there are other things that she cares about, too. She’s goal-driven and wants to make her family proud, which is why she’s so embarrassed when her grades start to slip. At the gym, McKenna is super competitive, but she puts that competitiveness aside to support her teammates. She makes mistakes sometimes, but she always strives to be a good student, gymnast, and friend. 

TOULANE THOMAS Toulane Thomas has been McKenna’s gymnastics teammate since the girls were three years old. A strong, competitive gymnast, Toulane pushes McKenna to stay on her game and do her best. Toulane is sometimes too competitive, though, and puts a lot of pressure on herself to succeed and to live up to her mother’s expectations. Like McKenna, Toulane needs to learn about life “balance” and remember how to just have fun.

Check out the the new trailer* for AN AMERICAN GIRL: MCKENNA SHOOTS FOR THE STARS

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