The Feel Good Breakfast

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I am addicted to oatmeal.  It is my go to breakfast.  And I do not see that as boring at all.  I love to add in rasins or coconut or apples or....well all kinds of goodies.  But even just oatmeal with a lil honey and butter makes me feel wonderful.  JDL figured out why too.  She saw online that oatmeal has the ability to increase your serotonin.  That is the feel good part of your brain.  I take meds to help with this so it is just an extra boost when I eat my daily oatmeal.

But I can only get oatmeal at one resturant in our lil town.  Yeah, one.  No one else serves my favorite bowl of warm goodness.  So instead I keep Quaker Soft Baked Bar in my purse when I can not get my own bowl.  It is a wholesome food as well as the perfect breakfast snackQSBB Yum Image high res.jpg As a matter of fact I am in love with both the Cinnamon Pecan Bread as well as the Banana Nut Bread.  I mean why choose when I can have either one.  QSBB 3D Carton Banana.jpg (2 documents, 2 total pages)

Now what I do not like for breakfast (or any other time) is eggs.  ICK!  Sorry but they just do not taste all that wonderful to me.  I am always asking Dear Hubby if he can make them taste like anything else but eggs.  He trys!  JDL will go for peanut butter on toast almost any day. But she is into a quick breakfast on the run most of the time so that helps her.  I wish she would eat these bars but she is not an oatmeal fan.  Granny M is but she really wants hers in the form of an Oatmeal Cookie.  Gosh who can blame her?

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  1. I make oatmeal (porridge over here) with water, chopped up banana and a teaspoon of honey.


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