Today's Treasures

Oh folks my eyes are bleary today.  Now I do not know why but still fighting off the effects of just feeling plain ol whooped up on.  Going to do my best today so shaking my head and telling myself it is time to get with it.

Now what have I been up to the last few days here at home.  Well of course catching up on some housework since I was away for 3 weeks.  But that is always good to get to do.  Make everything seem all neat and tidy.   Also spending a lot of time with all of our pets.  Even added a new one this week.  Adopted an ol lady cat from the pound that needed a good home.  I hope she can adjust well enough here.  Her name is Mooshie and I hope that she soon learns that we love to pet lap cats.

Also I made 3 home made fruit cakes for Granny M yesterday.  College Girl helped out ever so much even though she hates fruit cake.  But it made Granny M happy and that is what counts the most.  First time I have ever done this so I fudged and did it the way I thought would work out.  And it did....nice, light, fruit cakes that are not overly sweet.  Perfect for what I was wanting to do.  Next I will be making mince meat cookies for her.  I want to wrap them up in my new Hen House napkin.  I love the bright red and cream colors of it.   Hopefully I can get the pot holders to match real soon.  But at the same time they have lots of patterns and colors so may be doing a mix and match set instead.  How about you?  Do you like things to be all the same?  Or jumbled up in a bright array of colors?

Since I have been home, College Girl has been really helping me out as I get everything in order again.  So to thank her for the hard work I made her a special bath the other night.  I took my mom's day rose and sprinkled the petals in a warm bath with scented oil in it.  Added in my Nudo Honey & Lavender handmade soap for that extra bit of indulgence.  Topped it all off with a glass of white wine and 3 Nudo handmade Italian olive oil chocolates in lemon, orange and pepper.  These came from my Mama Mia Gift set.  I think she was in heaven.  I know she relaxed and looked all the better when she came out of her soak.  Hopefully I will soon be able to make this amazing Mandarin breakfast cake using my fantastic olive oil from Nudo.  Check it out.  And if you can convert the measurements for me then let me know!

Well my laundry is beeping at me.  Thank goodness I was able to get my latest batch of homemade laundry soap made this morning.  I still need to get outside and mow the yard too.  Gosh is a housewife's work ever done?  Thinking about dinner too.  Humm, what to fix?  Any ideas?  Maybe some orange chicken over brown rice...that is an idea.

Thanks so to Nudo and Hen House for sharing with me.  I am loving my items as they make the days seem nicer.  You know what I mean.  Just those extra lil bits that make your day a lil richer in spirit.  Wonder if I should use that bright napkin as a kerchief and dance to the Mama Mia soundtrack this afternoon.  Now that is the way to spend your time.....for we all know the is always time to DANCE!


  1. You never seem to stop which always amazes me. I wish I had your energy level! <3

  2. Lot of color for me...I don't match things very well at all! It drives my hubby batty poor dear..but he endures me. There was a time when we were stationed in Germany I went to Poland for a pottery shopping excursion with the ladies from our church and returned with a hodge-podge of different plates, cups, bowls and dishes..I thought they were totally amazing and beautiful each and every piece was unique...I think I gave him a blistering headache when I unloaded them onto the dining room table!

    I hope you get to slow down and take it easy for a bit. Maybe take a moment to spoil yourself in that dreamy bubble bath. You are such an amazing Mom! What a lucky girl your daughter is and what a great relationship you two share! That is such a precious gift. Dance your cares away and enjoy every moment!


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