Swept Away by Gahan

Yesterday we went to see College Girl in her directing debut.  It was wonderful.  She was happy.  The birds were chirping and life was beautiful.  You know one of those sun shining moments.  So you know I was thrilled for everything going on right.

Well almost thrilled for everything.  All but the fact she hi-jacked my book.  I mean I have read it.  And I did let her borrow it.  It was all cool.  Til College Girl said...NO!  She was not going to give it back.  It was on HER keeper shelf.  The lil snit....well she is not a snit.  But I like the book too.  Oh and she says that possession is 9/10ths the law.  I think she is just going to keep my book.

Actually I am not surprised.  When I was reading 'The Kingdom on the Edge of Reality' I kept thinking, "Oh College Girl is going to love this one!"  And yeah, she does.  This was written by Gahan Hanmer.  He is just right for my theater College Girl since his career has been in the theater as actor, director, designer and technician.  Gahan has created a book like one that I have never read.  Wonderful concept and fully played out.  Bravo!

I hate telling you about a book really as I love to have one unfold in front of me.  But it is not fair to hold back either.  So here is where you want to run away too for an afternoon of medieval times.  Albert Keane decided to create a kingdom to share with others who dream of a different life.  One that they can be proud of for creating.  He has brought in talented and amazing people.  And now they call him King Albert.  It is now time to bring in the last member of their feudal kingdom, Jack Darcey.  The final one to be there to teach the knights the art of sword play and fencing.  But is that all there is to do?  I think not.

"The Kingdom on the Edge of Reality' swept me away.  It swept College Girl away.  As a matter of fact I think there is part of both of us still there.  Waiting to see what is going to happen next.  Gahan, there is more to come....right?  Thanks so to Tribute Books for sharing.  Hooking us.  Now if only we get to find out what happens next.  Pretty please!  

The Kingdom on the Edge of Reality can be purchased at: MyBookOrders.com

Publisher: Two Harbors Press
Price: $22.95 hardcover
$14.95 paperback 
ISBN: 9781937293642

 - $7.99
Nook - $7.99
MyBookOrders.com - $7.99

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  1. Lenore, what a treat to have Gahan's book reviewed by College Girl. I'm glad it felt like an escape to medieval times :)


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