Total Indulgence

I did something I do not normally do at all.  I totally indulged in myself.  Shopping online is not often around here.  And to do it where I get all the goodies is really odd.  But I did and there....I am even proud of it.  Here is my stash that will be arriving Wednesday.  What do you think of it?

Bella in bloom – eye shadow 

I love the pink lip gloss.  And I read recently that every woman should have a pink blush to brighten up her complexion.  

The Bella in Bloom Shadow Palette

I loved the colors of the first one so much that I continued on with this one.  Now I just have so many colors to choose from for accents.   I am real partial to the lighter shades just on the lid of my eye to make it pop.

Bella Beauty Bronzer

Now I have never had a bronzer.  This will be new to me.  And being that I am a really pale gal (yeah even Texans hide from the sun)  I am unsure if this will be too much for me.  Hopefully not.  Any tips or hints from anyone?

Now for the next three items the fellows might wanna shade their eyes.  But gals come on in and let's gab.  Dear Hubby is really sweet to me.  And we do get to run off for our stay-cations pretty often.  So I thought that maybe I needed some new outfits to take with me.  Tell me your favorites okay!

Polka dot chemise

I love this one.  The lace is a light pink (my signature color) while the rest is form hugging.  Of course my form is not this nice.  But Dear Hubby likes me so that is what counts.  The neckline is really nice too.  Sorta makes the best of a good asset you know.

Marquis de pink babydoll & g-string

This is much more risque than I would normally go.  But I thought it was time to take a chance.  If I really do not like it then it will go to the back of the drawer.  This was a great sale price so it is not like I am losing a lot.  Worth the risk.  Of course it is the top that really caught my eye too.  Imagine this not pulled open too.  Like I would ever do that!

Pink license to kill bustier

This is the one I really love.  I can not wait to have it to surprise Dear Hubby with.  What do you think?  Is is too much?  Or is the perfect balance of flirty and sexy.  You know I had to have the pink in there some where too!  

I ordered everything from EdenFantasys.  I like that they have plus size outfits.  And I do not have to feel all embarrassed to order for my size too.  Currently you can save up to 50% - 70% on lingerie.  And there are new products like Evolution of Smooth Organic Lip Balms & Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream.  I wonder if a different shave cream really helps?  Oh and because my order was over $59 the shipping was free!  That was a savings in itself.  Have you seen what shipping chips away at?  Better is that it will be two day priority shipping (at no cost to me) so I get my goodies even faster!  

I purchased everything with coupons that I had for EdenFantasys.  I had them saved up from this last year.  It was fun to shop for myself for once.  When is the last time you did that?  If you wish you can follow them on  FacebookGoogle+, and Twitter!

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