Princess Business

Since I am still helping Granny M with her eye drops, I thought you would not mind if The Other Mother started today off for us.  You know that Princess Emma and her mom spend a lot of time with us.  So let me tend to Granny M and I will be right back.  

From The Other Mother aka Jenjo3d from Rants and Raves:

Did you know this is National Princess week? I just found out yesterday. Having a princess myself I do not know how I missed it! In an attempt to make up for the first part of the week we missed Princess Poo and I decided to do fun princess things. It just so happened she even got an invitation to a royal wedding! Don't believe me? Well, here it is for you to see for yourself.
Oh she is so excited she can hardly wait. One of her favorite shows is having a wedding and she was invited personally! Now being royalty herself she was given a wedding gift as well. She was allowed to go watch the first part of the two part wedding if she wanted to. She really did want to but decided to wait until tomorrow so she wouldn't have to wonder all night how it ended. She just didn't think she could handle the suspense. She has her best dress and tiara all ready to put on right before the wedding starts! What she did not get was the My Little Pony Magic in Friends compact! I hear they are giving away 1 to each of the first five people to comment over at Crazed Mind! Better hurry!!!  (I am posting how to win one of the five at the end of this post.  Watch it!)
There is also a downloadable party pack that we are sharing.  We have the invitations, coloring pages, printable wedding hats and stickers.  You know that the Princess is ever so busy getting ready for the wedding.  I am not sure we will be able to get everything fit in today.  I hear there is to be a tea party this afternoon.

Since she didn't watch MLP today we decided to watch Sid the Science Kid. She LOVES Sid. I think he may be why she has wanted to go to school for so long and still loves to go everyday! It just so happens that we were loaned a copy of  Sid's Rock and Roll Easter. She really loved it. Sid was practicing Easter egg hunting and found a really cool rock that he got to take to school and learn all about. I think the part she liked the most was that he got to walk to school and walk home! She is so happy when we can walk to her school. It is one of her favorite things. She enjoyed learning all about rocks and gems but I won't say anymore...I wouldn't want to ruin it for you all :) We have 3 Sid dvd's and I am always on the lookout for more. She just enjoys watching and singing along so much and I enjoy that she is learning and I don't have to worry about bad language or content that is maybe a little too grown up for her.

All and all not a bad princess day. I am sure we will come up with more to do before Monday!

Awww, now it seems that Princess Emma has a full agenda.  I know that she keeps her mom hopping.  And I would not be too surprised if they have a tea party in the works soon.  They have a cute table that Princess Emma loves to set up with all of her tea set.  But it can also double as her painting, craft, drawing, do everything place.  So I know that The Other Mother has a special Tidy Table Cover from Mom Invented that she uses during those times.  It just slips over it like a shower cap does.  And wipes clean.  Then when it is tea time they just pop it off and are ready for Princess activities.  

Princess Emma has fallen in love with cream cheese and cucumber sandwiches.  They cut the crust off and set them up in points.  But it has become an exciting time now that they have a Puzzle Bites sandwich cutter.  It is so darling!  Not only do you lose the crust but it cuts it up into a 4 part workable puzzle.  They have done a tray of them before.  Then work out if your pieces make up into a puzzle or not?  Extra sandwich pieces are put in the Good Bites sandwich box to take to lunch at school.  There is a place on the side to place in strawberries left from tea time too.  I knew that Princess Emma loves seeing the lil post-it note her mom puts on top too!

Tomorrow we are going to be working on the hot tub set up.  It will take a few of these sessions to get it all together.  But The Other Mother and I are doing a fry day too.  You know what that means.  Chicken fried bacon, fried green tomatoes and this time she is also making us peanut butter bread.  Granny M will enjoy sitting out in the shade watching us work.  But she has to keep shooing the bees away from her ever present coke can.  I know she is going to love that I have the Mom Invented Beverage Barricades to stop that issue.  Wonderful lil gems.  Just slip them on the can and twist.  They cover the opening when your not drinking.  

It is going to be a full weekend.  So I guess I better get to work.  Oh about winning those lovely My Little Pony Magic in Friends compacts?  I am giving them to the first 5 people who comment below.  Just tell me about your princess moments or what we should serve with our fry day tomorrow.  Make sure you email so I can contact you about winning!  Hurry!  


  1. Some of my best princess moments were my Dr. Mom days.

  2. I bet I know a little girl who would just love to have one of those compacts! It would go very nicely with her pretend make up collection. beermngr at aol

  3. Aww would be really sweet for my great great niece Her mom is a princess and she is a princess in


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