Dear Hubby's Secret Love

This has been a full weekend for us.  I can not even begin to tell you of the trip to visit for a 100th birthday.  Flat tires, jacks falling, car being on the ground, fixing flat to find out the donut is flat.  Calling for HELP!  Seeing our grandbabes and being saved by family.  Meals, laughter, thankfulness, happiness and joy.  Cookouts of chicken fried bacon and fried bologna.  (Yeah we are from the south!)  Building base for hot tub.  And even more laughter!  House sitting, dog sitting and finally a stopping point of the weekend.  WHEW!

Dear Hubby and I always end the day by reading a bit to slow down.  But it is getting hard to get him to read just a bit!  He has a new book on his bedside table.  And I know he is enjoying it.  But have to say the author Kira Peikoff sure is pretty good on the eyes too!  Of course Dear Hubby said he did not even notice.  Good cover!

So what is it about Living Proof that has him going?   Dear Hubby tells me that Kira writes with the audacity of Heinlein (his all time favorite author) and does it well.  She tackles a controversial subject but not with clinical dryness but in a way that would cause a person to look at his own morality and humanity.  He says he expects great and interesting things.  Of course he is ready for the next one that she is working on right now.  Currently, Peikoff is working on her second novel, teaching creative writing to kids and teens through a non-profit organization, and tutoring literature to students across the globe. She continues to be fascinated by the intersection of cutting-edge science, medicine, politics and human life.  Subscribe to Kira's newsletter to be the first to know when it is coming out!

Here is a bit about Living Proof.  In 2027, destroying an embryo is considered first-degree murder. Fertility clinics still exist, giving hope and new life to thousands of infertile families, but they have to pass rigorous inspections by the U.S. Department of Embryo Preservation. Fail an inspection, and you will be prosecuted.

Brilliant young doctor Arianna Drake seems to be thriving in the spotlight: her small clinic surpasses every government requirement, and its popularity has spiked—a sudden, rapid growth that leaves the DEP chief mystified. When he discovers Arianna’s radical past as a supporter of an infamous scientist, he sends undercover agent Trent Rowe to investigate her for possible illegal activity.

As Trent is pulled into Arianna’s enigmatic world, his own begins to unravel. The secret he finally uncovers will deeply move him—and jeopardize them both. With the clock ticking her life away, he finds himself questioning everything he knows to be true, and then must summon the courage to take the greatest risk of all. Nothing less than human life—and a major scientific breakthrough—hang in the balance.

Kira Peikoff is in New York City after graduating with high honors from New York University and four years of various reporting internshipsShe then spent a year working full time on LIVING PROOF. Kira was inspired by her experience reporting from the White House.  There President Bush announce the first veto of his presidency to deny federal funding for embryonic stem cell research. Peikoff’s passionate feelings about what many people view as a controversy of morality vs. science–one with potentially life-or-death stakes–led to the central conflict in LIVING PROOF.

I have to thank Kira and HEWPR for sending this one to us.  I will get to read it once Dear Hubby ever lets it out of his grasp.  

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  1. At the end of the day, I like to pick up a good book to read and unwind. Television always seems to keep me awake. A book like this might also keep me up as I would want to keep seeing what happened next - I will have to check this one out, it's a topic I'm passionate about, thanks.


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