I think I was blessed with the family that has formed and shaped me.  My grandmother was a teacher and a Liberian. Great Aunt who taught on the college level.  And a father who was not only an avid reader but loved to share his books with me.  I felt so amazed to see his ceiling high bookshelves stacked with all the novels he had read.

So being the avid reader that I am and knowing how important it can be to have that place to go in a book, I love to share my books too.  That is why it is so fantastic that I get to do book reviews now.  I can not think of anything that would give me the sense of achievement it does to be chosen for a book review.  Now that I get to do it on a regular basis my days are pretty awesome in my opinion.  Add in sharing the books in giveaways makes it all the better.

But this time I get to do one better!  First I have been graced with the brand new cover for Jerome Charyn's re-release of Back to Bataan.  This was originally published in 1993 with a cover that does not seem to convey the inner turmoil of coming to terms with one's own realizations as the new cover does.  If you follow me you will know by now that I have fallen in love with Jerome's books.  The versatility of his writing is what amazes me the most.  From historical to fiction to suspense to action, he seems to be able to hit it out of the park time and time again.  Jerome has over 50 published books.  His Sidel series will be hitting the television as an adult animated series "Hard Apple" too. 

The other item that has me so thrilled is that I have been part of World Book Night this year.  It is great to be able to share my book choice of Friday Night Lights with the community here.  I thought it was the perfect book for small town Texas to give out.  World Book Night has the goal of sharing books all across America in one night, April 23rd this year.  There are 25,000 volunteer book lovers like myself who are giving away  500,000 books.  We have a new lil eatery opening up on our town square.  They are providing free WiFi (hey we are small and do not have the big city ways) to everyone too.  So it is giving a great place not only to hang out and enjoy time with friends.  But for students in our area to go and do their homework.  With a back room that is quiet and no pressure to purchase while your there, it is perfect for so many here who do not have internet services at home.  I thought this was the place to share these books at.  Not only is it right in the middle of our lil burg, but is also a gathering place for so many students. 

A few more ways I have been lucky to share lately is by giving a signed copy of How David Met Sarah to our local  high school.  It went to the special education teacher to be able to use with her class room.  And I gave a copy of Tomey and the Caterpillar with our head start program to help them understand more about bullying.  It is always great to be able to lend out a book, share a story and to give the gift of reading.  I have to agree that books a way of getting away from the worries of everyday life and living new dreams.


  1. Lenore, it's an honor for you to reveal Jerome's new "Back to Bataan" cover to the world. Thanks for being such a devoted and faithful fan of his work.

  2. Now I'm really excited. The cover for Back to Bataan looks dark and mysterious, romantic too. It suits the book perfectly. Thanks for being a part of World Book Night - we need readership to go viral, and you're just the book lover to do it.


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