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It was so kind of LoveMy2Dogs to share this review and giveaway.  I know you will be thrilled to join in on the chance to win.

Have you ever been in that situation that you need to get that perfect gift for someone but you just never know what to get them because they just seem to have everything? Well, I just have happen to have tripped over the perfect gift and I have fallen in love with it.

Vizardz is a company that takes a regular picture and takes it to a new level then gives it some light. It takes your pictures and makes them 2.5 dimensional. 

What is 2.5D Picture?

2.5D pictures combine a three-dimensional topography with your two-dimensional digital photographs and images. This combination adds depth, texture, and contrast to breathe life into your ordinary photos. When light is applied to a Vizardz 2.5D picture, the stunning beauty of our technique is demonstrated, rendering the image in 3D. These 2.5D pictures are available as Night Lights, Ornaments, and Light Boxes. With so many ways to see your photos come to life, why not hold your memories today?

They have products like the one that I fell in love with like this light box that I got with a picture of an old building up at my Aunts house that used to belong to my Grandparents.

This just looks so pretty sitting on the table. I am hoping that my daughter, whose living room is Americana doesn't want it when she see's it.
This is really just like looking at this barn in real life.
This picture just does no justice. You really can't get a good picture of this with the light of.
They also have ornaments.

And nightlights.
Vizardz is running a Mother's Day special right now of 40% OFF with FREE shipping on entire order, No minimum order if you use the code HAPPYMOM at the checkout. What could be better than that? An awesome gift at 40% OFF and Free shipping!

Now, on to the giveaway, you can win one of these light boxes for yourself! Now get on to entering by using the Rafflecopter below. Sorry but this is only open to the US and Canada. Good luck to everyone!!

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  1. I would put up my bluebonnets in the snow under the oak trees. I love that photo.

  2. I'm not sure about these, they look a bit sinister.

  3. I would put a picture of Poo in her blue princess dress in mine!

  4. Victoria Danielle4/25/12, 8:10 PM

    For something this awesome i would take a special picture of my kids just for this :D


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