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What are your weekend plans?  It is coming up on us pretty quickly.  Having spent the first part of this week helping Granny M with her first cataract surgery, I am now a bit worn out.  Thankfully all went well like we expected.  We do have to do 3 different drops 4 times a day so that makes it where Granny M has to come home sometime.  Honestly that woman can go so fast and so often.  Age is not slowing her down at all.

Talking about age not slowing you down, Saturday we are off to see Dear Hubby's great aunt for her 100th birthday.  That is amazing.  We will be in the same town as our grandbabes so I am super torn.  Part of me wants so to celebrate a wonderful life with the family.  And the other part of me just wants to see the babes and play.  I do not think they will be attending.  Dear Hubby has to work the first part of the day so I do not have time to do both along with travel time.  That is the pits!

But I do have a stack of books here for them.  I am not sure if they are going in the birthday pile or Nonnie's keepers for when they are here to visit.  It is hard to choose.  Why not help me know which ones should go where.  Remember we have the Turtle at 8 months old, TK who will be 8 this next month and Landon that will be 4 too.

Our first book is a board flip book.  I love these.  You get two stories for the price of one!  The first half of the book is Cosmo's Crave and the second is Guppy's Gall.  Both are by Sabrina Panfilo.  Cosmo's Crave is about a Yorkshire terrier pup, Cosmo, who constantly craves attention day in and day out. This affectionate little pup is one you cannot live without – a tale of love, loyalty, and friendship.  Guppy's Gall  encourages children of all ages to be brave when confronted with the unfamiliar.  It makes me think of all the shadows that are on the walls at night.  Til we turn the light on and see it is all just everyday items.  

Our next book is also by Sabrina Panfilo.  She is so talented at writing for different age ranges.  I am sure that it comes from being an elementary school teacher.  She has had to learn to deal with the who gambit of kids. I was wanting to share this with our local head start program.  They have been dealing with bullying and not-so-nice peers.  Tomey and the Caterpillar is an inspiring story about being proud of who you are and being confident in your individuality. Tomey, an awkward red pony, helps this lonely caterpillar find its colors through personal strength and positive self-esteem.  I am not too sure if this would be a lil over the age mark there though?

Our third choice is one that I enjoyed reading.  I think it will be a great read me a story before bedtime book.  It has the length children crave while not being too mundane for parents to get through.  Back in 1997, author Larry Buttram was playing a game with his three-year-old niece, Lauren, when she said “Uncle Larry, I think someone should invent a game called, Snatch That Cat all about a little girl trying to steal a cat.  Fifteen years later Snatch That Cat is here.  I love that this lil girl who always gets her way learns that is not always best.  More so I agree that some cats are part mountain lion and part alligator.   The art work here is different.  It was done by Paul Richardson.  He drew everything but then it was taken through a process where each part was computer generated from that.  The kiddos will notice that you do not see the lil girls face til the very end.

And our fourth and last choice is by Rick Osborne and Gary Chapman.  You might recognize Gary Chapman from The 5 Love Languages.  That was a book that helped me learn how to show my love to those important to me in a way they would understand it best.  A Perfect Pet For Peyton, is a tool for parents and teachers to use to help their children discover their own love language. It is the birthday of twins Penny and Peyton. At Mr. Chapman’s Perfect Pet Pal Emporium they will learn just how to find their perfect pet by learning about themselves.  This is a good book for ages 5-10 so I think it is a good choice for my older two grandbabes who are sister and brother.  Also releasing in conjunction with A Perfect Pet for Peyton, Moody Publishers is bringing Christian children’s literature in app format to the marketplace!  Available for FREE download to iPad and iPhone, children can play along with Peyton and his pals through an interactive and technologically advanced gaming platform.  I know that Princess Emma will love this feature.

Well to help me choose which books go where I think we should share with you too.  So let's set up a giveaway of A Perfect Pet for Peyton.  Thanks to Larry and New Virginia Publications for sharing with us.

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  1. I think with the grandbabes coming so much during the summer you should keep most of the books, however any you don't want to hang on to can find a home here

  2. I say keep Tomey and the Caterpillar and share it with your local elementary school library!! What a great lesson for little ones remember.

    dropcqueen at yahoo dot com

  3. Well you know you should share them with the grandbabies.

  4. Andrea Henry4/20/12, 2:23 PM

    Oh i think they are keepers...Snatch that Cat..And Tomey and the Caterpillar are good ones.

    caden at

  5. Id think they all would be enjoyed! So whichever you choose you cant loose! Thank you :)


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