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College Girl has her pick of parents or parental units as she calls us.  Whether it be Dear Hubby (her step dad) and I or Poppa (her dad) and The Other Mother (aka Rants & Raves that you should be visiting).  We are her source of go to advice.  And she actually comes to us to get our thoughts and opinions.  There we are blessed.
Dear Hubby & College Girl

But I think about how did all of this come about.  Hummm.....has to be 25 years of raising a child.  Now I started caring for other children as early on as 10 years old.  And have done so in one capacity or another for 30 years.  That has really helped me learn many 'tricks' of the trade.  But Dear Hubby did not get such an education.  Yes he had his own children but sadly was not there as they were growing up.  So he has had to have a learning curve.  College Girl thinks he has caught up pretty well but I think his own kids are still holding on to make a vote.  

My step son has his own child now, The Turtle.  So I was expanding on to the how do you know what to do at different points in life.  Where is that lil handbook that is suppose to be issued with child birth?  Of course I found it.  No not back on the corner of the book shelf but over at Quirk Books.  

The most important volume yet in Quirk’s handy guides to practical manhood: Stuff Every Dad Should Know. It’s full of the indispensable hands-on wisdom that all fathers need in order to instill that comforting sense of “dad awe” in their children, including:
• How to Fix a Boo-Boo
• How to Stop a Temper Tantrum
• Five Great Books to Read with Your Child
• How to Rid a Room of Monsters
• The Birds and the Bees for All Ages
• How to Photograph Your Child
• And many more!
I love the touch of humor along with practicality, and wholesome family values.  Stuff Every Dad Should Know is a Father’s Day slam dunk and a must-have pocket reference for any dad or dad-to-be and will be ready to share with my step-son.  Brett Cohen is the author of the 110,000-copy-selling Stuff Every Man Should Know and the coauthor of the follow-up hit Recipes Every Man Should Know. Think that one should be given with grill and charcoal.  Thanks to Quirk Books for sharing with me.


  1. Sounds like you got a great kid there.

  2. You are right Kat! Stopping by to wish you a wonderful day..


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