Clean Floors Come Home

I am still working on removing the tiles from my floors.  Next I think I am going to have to find hardwood floor cleaning machines.  The heat gun is amazing at helping me lift the tile.  But I did take quite a break with my knees killing me.  Now I am doing better thanks to shots and my Doctor.  So back to it I go.  

In doing all of this I am looking at how to clean my floors best.  They are currently icky nasty sticky old old old wood.  Nothing pretty or nice about them in any way.  Also the pets thought it would be okay to make a mess on them so I am trying to make sure there is not any 'odor' left in them to tempt a recurrence of marking them.  I took my lil oranges and soaked them in vinegar for a week.  Then I am using the solution to disinfect and de-odor the floors.   At least I do not have to worry about carpet cleaning too.

While I am doing all of this grueling work my mind is staying occupied.  This week I am listening to Come Home by Lisa Scottoline on CD,  I have to say that it is really wonderful to have someone "read" to me while I work.  I do not know how I managed to go so much before without books on CD.  I was never one for TV for background noise.  Nor am I one for the radio playing.  I use to listen to public radio a lot before I moved to the sticks.  So it seems fitting that having stories told to me while I work.  

Come Home really plays to my feelings of dedication to family no matter the form they take.  Sure as a mom we will move heaven and earth for our kids.  But when you have a step child that you lose due to divorce then it seems that somehow what you grew to love is taken away from you.  The rules all change and not in a good way.  So what do you do when they show back up and tell you that they so need your help.  When are you family and when are you not?  Deeper than that, at what point do you help or stop helping?  Can a mom ever stop being a mom?  I am loving the thrill and mystery in Come Home.  And I can't wait to see what is going to happen next.  But.....I have to get back to my floors to find out.  Yeah, I only listen while I am working.  That way I get to enjoy and accomplish too!

Thanks to MacMillan Audio for sending me Come Home.  I can not wait to find out what will be my next book on CD.

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