I Won You Win

I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend.  We sure did.  I loved our cookout on Saturday with family.  Sunday I made homemade enchiladas for my inlaws that came out pretty good.  (Or so I was told.)  Now today I wanted to share some of my fortune with you.

Remember I told you I have been very lucky here lately.  I won a Miche base bag and two shells from The Crazy Suburban Mom.  I love it so much.  I do not know how I was able to get along without it before.  I also have the best lil cookbook ever from The Secret Life of Emily Dickinson.  The Profile of the Poet as Cook shares both history of Emily as well as selected recipes like her Black Cake.

Now there was also the sample of gud by Burt's Bees that arrived in the mail.  Orange Petalooza lotion that was so silky smooth and sweet smelling.  Gosh made me feel all pampered.  Klout perks sent Simple cleansing facial wipes and replenishing moisturizer.  I really like that there are not any perfumes or dyes since I am using it around my eyes.  That really makes them water and sting where there is.  Vitamin B5 is the main item in them to help restore and smooth the skin too.  Love the lil extras in life don't you?

NeilMed Sinus Rinse & NeilMed NasaFlo Neti Pot
NeilMed Sinus Rinse & NeilMed NasaFlo Neti Pot (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
So now you know of some of my goodies but what about you?  You should have goodies in the mail too.  Right?  Okay then let's do just that.  I am reaching into my special stash here to pull out a prize.  What shall it be?  How about the NeilMed NasaFlo Neti Pot with 2 premixed packets of sinus rinse.  I know that my allergies are really kicking up this spring.  Maybe you need a lil relief too.  A quick giveaway here to share.  Just enter below.

Oh and no this is not an ad.  Just something I have to share since others have been sharing with me.  No sponsors.  No reviews.  No special hoops.  Just enter to win.
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  1. We are in the middle of moving--that's the big hassle! The big surprise is finding old pictures and small crafts and things from when the kids were little. I don't know whether that actually counts as a surprise, but it is certainly a delight.
    bethelderton59 at gmail dot com

  2. I'm so behind I reading... I'm so glad you like it! I've used it since I got it with no plans of changing to a new bag. Although I have lots of plans for new shells!



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