Amazing Chips!

Did you know that 5 out of 5 burly guys like Beanfields Nacho Bean & Rice Tortilla Chips.  Yes, that is 5 if you look.  There are two thumbs up on the one on the far right.  He is giving the thumbs up for my Dear Hubby who is taking the photo.

You see we tried Beanfields Bean & Rice chips May of last year.  And fell in love with them.  Granny M snarled when she thought we were eating some weird vegan thing.  But she was completely surprised once she tired them.  Granny M was ready to throw over fritos for these great chips.  So when we tried the new Nacho flavor chips this year we thought we would poll the fellows Dear Hubby works with.  They often think we eat 'weird' food since we are willing to try new things.  So Dear Hubby took a bag of chips out to the plant.  He told the fellows we wanted an honest Texan opinion of these new chips.  After letting them know that yes they were made from beans and rice and were 100% vegan he was met with a lot of skepticism.  But they were willing to try anyway.  Hey free food always is a plus to these men.

Well after they tried them it was a complete win!  They all thought they were some of the best chips they had eaten.  The only downfall is that we can not buy them in our stores in this area.  The closest places are both over 70 miles away (one way at that) but we can get them online.  In the meantime, Beanfields please please please get Brookshire's in Texas to carry your chips.  You might want to send some to the CEO of the company.  I have sent them request to carry them locally too!

Hey I just saw that they are giving away cases of their chips on Facebook.  GO ENTER!

Oh and Amrit, thanks for sending me these to try out.  Now you have created a desire.  Oh....desire unfulfilled.....for now that is.

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  1. Have you tried Beanitos yet? Brookshires in TX carries them and they are much tastier than Beanfields! :)


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