What Do You Know?

Now yesterday I was telling you how to con your kiddos.  Of course there is those things every mom knows.  Wait you do know all of the tricks of the trade right?  You had the book issued when you gave birth.  You did get it right?  NO!  Oh no you have to hurry up!

Come on it was the lil purple book that was there on the other side of the nurse.  Yeah the one bringing you that bundle of joy.  Okay your one of those moms who looked at the wee babe and forgot everything else.  It is alright it can happen to the best of us.  

So here let me help you.  Stuff Every Mom Should Know is at Quirk Books and is by Heather Gibbs Flett and Whitney Moss.  I am a Nonnie already and am still working on Potty Training 101 with my grandbabe.  Easier to put them out in the pasture with the cows then to teach them to poop in the potty.  I am still a fan of pull-ups.  Praising that he even tells me he has pooped there instead of the potty.  It is a better alternative than scolding as it just makes him hide his accidents.

I do have to say that this pocket size book gives great lil words of advice from birth to teen.  Now I have toys here for the babes but that is not the same everywhere.  So what do you do other than teether them in the yard if you are visiting a non-child house?  Well there are toys there, they just do not realize it.   Pens, pencils and paper are a quick one to grab.  Another is plastic cups and dishes that can stack up.  We have even borrowed shaving cream and the kitchen counter for a place to finger paint.  I can watch a child entertain themselves and enjoy a cup of coffee with a friend with ease.

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