V is for Versatile Day

Today is Valentine's Day and I was surprised when I found my first one in my email this morning.  Kat over at Kat's Daily Inspiration was kind enough to send me the Versatile Blogger Award.  What an honor.  Thank you Kat!  It is so nice to be noticed.  And to be told one is versatile is great, of course us moms know that versatility is the key to running a smooth home.

First I have to tell you 7 things about me.

1. My nickname growing up was Tuzy.  I like it.  I have been Tuzy all of my life in one way or another.  Weather it be as a child or an Aunt or as a name other children can remember.  My grandfather bestowed the name on me at birth and I am lucky that it fits me so well. I use to ask him why he named me Tuzy and he would say I looked like a Tuzy.  Well I always wondered what a Tuzy looked like.  So I googled it in images and found I look like this and I have to agree. Thanks to ADQ.

2. I was once locked in a rabbit hutch.  You see as a child we had pet rabbits.  Being small I would climb in the rabbit hutch to pet the bunnies.  My folks were always telling me that I should not do that.  I guess they thought it was not the best of ideas.  But one time I did climb on in as usual and my dad came up and caught me there.  So he shut the door and closed the hasp on it.  Now he just stood there and looked at me.  But I was panicked.  I could not get out.  I was having to wait for someone else to come and rescue me.  It was a horrid feeling.  In just a few minutes he opened the door and sternly told me that I was not to climb in the hutch again.  I listened.  More so I let my bunnies out to play in their fenced in play yard much more often.  I did not want them to feel like they were trapped either.

3. I am double jointed in four of my fingers and in my jaw.  Now the fingers can make me look a lil wicked.  But the jaw can either make me a very good kisser or a great at eating yummy foods.  My Dear Hubby says he thinks it is both.

4. I have not seen all of my original hair color in over 25 years.  I have tried to not color my hair and let it grow out.  But someone has sneaked lil grey and silver hairs in there.  I do not know how this has happened but it must have been when I was not looking.  So thus far I am still best friends with Ms. Clariol.

5. I have been raped and sexually abused.  It is something that has happened to me multiple times and years ago.  It is also something that has made me become a very strong woman.  I have grown to learn how to forgive for horrid acts and know that in forgiveness I am the one who becomes healthier and happier for it.  I have also learned that rape and sexual abuse is not about sex and certainly not about love.  It is about power and control and fear.  In that I have learned that I do not have to give up my inner strength to anyone.  That I am in control of what I feel and that I have the ability to love and enjoy a healthy sex life that has nothing to do whatsoever with the acts that were performed against me.  I to have learned that most women have been through this in one way or another.  And it is not shameful nor something to hide.  Instead I have used the very strengths and forgiveness that has become part of me to reach out and help others who need a shoulder to lean on or a home to shelter them or an hand to clasp no matter of what they have done or had done to them.

6. I am fat.  I am round and rolly and polly and doubled chinned and thick thighed and big butt.  I have a tummy that is too big and hips that stick out.  There are arm flaps that wave when I do and crinkles that curl up at my eyes when I smile.  But I am also happy, soft and comfy, and more so loved just the way I am.  Gosh what girl could ask for more than that?

7. They say my eyes are hazel.  I am blue eyed when I am happy.  Grey eyed when I am worried.  Green eyed when I am excited.  And dark eyed when I am mad.  I say they are mood rings.

But another one of the benefits of this award, is that I get to pick 7 other bloggers to receive this award.  These are all very versatile and I love visiting with them.  Pop over and tell them hello, happy Valentines day and that Crazed Mind sent ya.

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3. Kaylen at It's Serious This Time
4. Jennifer at Just Wedeminute
5. Joycee at justjoycee
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7. Kristye at LIFE WITH KRISTYEMAC  she is new and could use a lil bloggy love....go see her!


  1. Someone was telling me, "I'm not fat! I'm just easy to see!"

    :) I'm going with that.

    1. Yeah you can see me too...must be because I am dancing down the streets!

  2. I think you mixed a couple of those up. Aren't your eyes Tuzzy and your nickname Hazel? :^)

    Great stuff!

    1. Sweet....your always one to make me smile...that is why I adore your place so much!

  3. Awww, Lynette! Thanks! Happy Valentine's Day to you. I admire your honesty and I's kinda rolly polly, too!

    1. With all that dancing you do girl....gosh...no polly on you. But love the way you ROLL!

  4. So much information in such a post. You are definitely a versatile person but you forgot the part about being amazing!! You are a strong woman at that and for that "YOU GO GIRL!"

    I do think I actually am friends with a member of Ms. Clariol's family. It has been quite some time since I have seen the natural color of my hair but I am pretty sure that the sun glistens off of it making everyone needing to wear sunglasses.

    And you know what, if nobody can love you at your worst then they certainly don't deserve you at your best!! And by the way, who ever said that pleasing plump was at my worst anyway? lol

    I did get your button added to my favorite page. You must have been one of those silly blogs that changed their picture and got a completely new button because I know that it was there before.

    Have a great day Texan friend!!!

    1. I swear your the best cheerleader ever. JR knows what he has in his lady. Versatile for sure....you know with all the kiddos you have in and out at your house...you not just versatile your dog gone crazy lady. LOL Have a glass of wine on me soon.


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