Please Be My Punny Valentine

Here are some ideas on making up your own Valentines.  I love a play on words.  You could add these to note cards and attach them as you own special Valentine.  I currently have 49 notes all over the house for Dear Hubby to find of this sort.  Can't wait for him to find them all.
Anthropomorphic Valentine, circa 1950–1960
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After Shave.  Your scent-cational
Apple. You are the apple of my eye 
(Put this one in their lunch box.)
Bit-O-Honey (Photo credit: Thomas Hawk)
Bit-O-Honey You’re my Bit-O-Honey 
Bread Anyway you slice it, you are the best 
(Try this on your fresh homemade bread.)
Bubble Gum. Don't burst my bubble, be my Valentine 
Cake. Loving you is a piece of cake 
Candy You’re sweet, Valentine 
English: Coca-Cola 375 mL cans - 24 pack
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Coca-Cola. You’re the real thing 
Coffee We are the perfect blend 
Cool Whip. I'm whipped over you 
(For the topping on their favorite dessert.  Just place on a card with dessert.)
Dr Pepper
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Dr. Pepper You are just what the doctor ordered 
Eggs.  Your egg-ceptional!
Fish. I'm hooked on you 
(Remember fish is good for the heart.  Make a special dinner that is from your heart and for theirs.)
Fortune Cookies. I’m fortunate to be with you 
Grape... You are the grapest 
Hot Cocoa. You warm my heart 
An image showing a package of Hot Tamales
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Hot Tamales.. You are the hot to my tamale 
Lemon, Lime. Pucker Up 
Lettuce Lettuce be together 
Lifesavers. You are my lifesaver 
Light Switch.  You light up my life.
M&Ms. You melt my heart 
Mints We are mint to be 
(Or on the toothpaste)
Nectarines. I’ll stick my nec out for you any day 
Nuts Here’s to all the nutty things we’ve done 
Olives. Olive you Orange Orange you amazing 
White necatrine and its cross section isolated...
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Peach. You’re a peach 
English: A peanut butter and jelly sandwich, m...
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PB & J. We go together like peanut butter and jelly 
(For the perfect after school snack.)
Pear. We are the perfect pear 
(Or in the sock drawer)
Peas. We are two peas in a pod 
Pie. You’re my cutie pie 
Pizza  Pizza be mine
Popcorn You are pop!-pop!-popular 
Potato. I've got my eye on you 
Red Bull You give my heart wings 
English: A pile of Red Hots candies, made by F...
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Red Hots You’re red hot 
Root Beer Float.You float my boat 
Salt & Pepper We are the perfect pair 
Snickers You satisfy me 
Soup. You’re souper 
Spices. You spice up my life 
Tea. You suit me to a tea 
Tootsie Roll:  I like the way you roll Valentine
A peanut butter Twix wrapper, from North America.
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Twix. I’m not playing twix, please be mine

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  1. I love it! I should have known you when my kids were little ... they always wanted something "special" and store-bought was never good enough. I bet they would have loved these.

    I hope you can jump on over to my blog and check out my surprise for you. I have something for you at

    I hope that you will accept it and then pass it along to another deserving blogger.


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