Such Hard Work

I have to say I really do luck into some really good spots.  Just last week I was house sitting and dog watching for friends.  Yes it meant I did have to leave my own country home to stay in a beautiful lake house.  With that great big ol deck and hot tub.  Too bad it was raining and chilly this time around.  Instead I worked on my blog there, put together puzzles, made great meals in their gourmet kitchen and had to walk the dogs.

Now that is different as there is plenty of land there.  The dogs have the electronic fence even.  So nothing to mare the view.  But with the rain it was a  lil dreary and the dogs got antsy.  So we had to walk them inside.  I was so surprised to see how easy they 'loaded' onto the treadmill to go for a walk.  Silly as I should have expected it.  Gosh they have their very own shower made just to their specifications off of the garage.

I tell you I have such hard work to do sometimes!

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