Spring Is In The Air

Granny M wanted to have spring flowers.
She wanted a lovey flower garden of bright colors.
And she wanted them to live after last years horrid drought.

So today we planted flowers.
 What do you think of her flower beds?
Yes that is College Girl's dog, Chip, smiling at you in front.
But about those flowers.
 They sure are bright.
And very pretty.
What a great variety too.
So much to show off.
Big full blooms!
Goodness than goodness they are all silk.
And will not need to be watered!


  1. I love them!!!!!!


    1. Me too. They were so easy to "Plant"!

  2. Well, I guess that the drought won't get them but the Texas sun may fade them a bit. I think it's a bit funny because one of my daycare mommies does not have a green thumb so last year that is what she did around her house then after about a week she came to drop off the kids and she comes in and says "You know, my yard looks like a cemetery so I think I am going to pull up all my flowers and plant grass." She is such a riot!

    1. You want to know what is funny? The original builders of our home (97 yrs old the house is now) was a stone mason worker. So we have old tombstones around our house.

  3. I did forget to say that they do look nice and springy!!


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